Saturday, June 28, 2014


Welcome, Welcome!

I am your friendly BookNerdian World Guide. Welcome to my blog.
Aside from reading books and writing some of my own, I love to talk about books. I tend to "geek out" and I own every bit of my "book nerd"-istic qualities (so prepare yourself). So many books I have read now sit on my shelf, often reread and re-loved, as they hold some of my dearest friends. No matter where I am I always have a book nearby or a notebook handy.
I read pretty much every genre and so there should be lots to talk about and something for everyone. In addition to sharing my thoughts, I hope to hear what you all are reading and loving (or not loving- it's okay we all have those books that we may not love). I want this to be a great community and interchange of thoughts and ideas so please jump in and get involved!
I have several reviews on the way and I hope to start posting things in the coming weeks!
Please stay tuned and I hope to see you back again!

Until then...
Go get lost in a good book!

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