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REVIEW: Making Faces by Amy Harmon


Before I begin I need to say this book struck a personal cord with me almost instantaneously. It wasn't with Ambrose... or even Bailey (oh sweet Bailey). It hit a personal note with getting to know Fern Taylor. *
"If God made all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?"

She's small, pale faced and freckled, with red hair that she laments and braces. Often overlooked by every boy in her class, she is keenly aware that she isn't pretty and she is certain of the fact that she will never be. She is addicted to romance novels living vicariously through them somewhat reminding us that she feels that she will never be able to live it for herself. The one person she's loved for over a decade is far too beautiful to ever love her back...

"It's hard to come to terms with the fact that you aren't ever going to be loved the way you want to be loved."

Ambrose Young, the herculean like young man that their whole town idolizes for his natural ability as a wrestler. Ambrose is tall (really tall), dark and broodingly handsome with a voice that sounds like dark chocolate.
(Got that visual? Okay, just checking) 

When the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center occur and rock their small town as it does the rest of the country, things began to shift. 
Ambrose, already becoming disenchanted with living up to heroic expectations on the wrestling mat, decides to walk away from it. To the surprise of everyone, Ambrose and his four best friends are soon enlisted in the Army and heading off to Iraq. 
Although they left their hometown as a group of five, not everyone makes it back...

"Making Faces" is a story about loss. 
Loss of friendship. Loss of beauty. Loss of self. 

"Everybody who is somebody becomes nobody the moment they fail."

But with loss also comes discovery.
Ambrose discovers that even as he returns home broken and scarred, there's someone who saw him all along. With that knowledge he has to learn what it's like to love through the fear of being unlovable, and maybe he's not the only one...

"Sometimes we fall in love with a face and not what's behind it."

This Book Nerd Says: 4.5 Stars {& a box of Kleenex}
I laughed...I cried...I smiled as I cried some more... but most importantly I FELT. 
Reading about the 9/11 attacks as they sat in their classroom took me back to that day that will live in infamy. On that day I too sat in my 11th history class, watching history unfold in front of my eyes, in a state that was right next to where it was all happening. Peers around me phoned their parents in shock, while others sat stoically. All of faced with the startling reality that  history wasn't just in the books...that loss wasn't reserved for those who had already lived long lives. 
"Making Faces" is a beautiful story not just of love and loss, but of friendship... lifelong friendship. I loved the reminders that miracles and heroes come in all sorts of packages at any given time, along with the message that even the things we think to be ugly can have something beautiful inside.
And just because this book is filled with so many beautiful lines... I will leave you with one more.

“I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy, and when you get tired of looking at me, I promise I’ll sing.” 


Barnes & Noble: 

Happy Reading!!

*My favorite literary character is all time and my best book friend in my head is Anne Shirley of Green Gables/Avonlea fame. So Fern resonated so strongly with me very quickly (I desperately hope you are familiar with my dearest Anne to understand why). PLUS, my very first book boyfriend was Gilbert Blythe... so yeah Fern and I... we clicked! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hump Day Hottie Alert...

Once again I give you WILL SUMNER (Beautiful Player, Christina Lauren)
I think I've established I've got a serious thing for Will. Serious Book Boyfriend material. SERIOUS.
My only consolation is the fact that I adore his Hanna just as much...okay not exactly as much...but I do love her. Their story is my favorite thus far out of the Beautiful Series (thus far) and I have been dying for a glimpse at them again.
Well last night Christina Lauren delivered this goodie to my life.

Hanna Will Outtake (

Uh Huh...
You read that right.
More Hanna and Will.
Not just more of them. More of the hot steamy Will and the sweet Hanna that reformed his player ways...

I'm going to let you enjoy!

If you want to read more of what I had to say about their story you can click HERE!
No spoilers don't worry!

If you've already checked out the Beautiful Series...check out their newest read SWEET FILTHY BOY (Wild Season #1)
What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, especially when your paths collide with a ridiculously sexy Frenchman....
Sweet Filthy Boy (GOODREADS)

It was a Four Star Read for me... so if you're stuck at home, pick it up and take a book vacay to the City of Lights...

Happy Reading!

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This Review Runneth Over With Feels... The Sea of Tranquility (Katja Millay)

Where to begin?
Don't worry this will be 100% spoiler free so feel free to continue reading...

I just finished this book about fifteen minutes ago before writing this but I felt so compelled to start writing this review so I hope that my emotions allow me to do it true justice.

Meet Nastya Kashnikov, a girl who has perfected running away, running hard and fast, from anything that could hurt or worse yet make her feel...

"I'd rather be alone than have to pretend I'm okay."

Nastya is the new girl in town determined to remain left alone by everyone after a tragedy leaves her trying to bury the past. Her secrets are well guarded and she is determined to keep anyone who would threaten that at a distance.
Her secrets, her pain, and her tragedies are hers and hers alone.
It's a plan she intends to follow through on until her paths cross with someone just as guarded as she is...

Josh Bennett is familiar with loss. 
He loses everyone that he loves and by the time he begins his senior year, there's no one left. Knowing well that he seems unable to hold onto anyone he loves, Josh keeps everyone at arms length. 

While Nastya has perfected running away, Josh has become a master at hiding.

What happens when two people so determined not to feel anything anymore, when one loves to run and one loves to hide, can't seem to stop being drawn together?

More than than the story of Nastya and Josh.... I enjoyed the others that seem to find their ways into the crevices of their lives despite desperate attempts to keep them out. 
Drew, Clay, Mrs. Leighton, even Sarah and Tierney...
Each of these characters found a soft tender spot of my booknerdian  heart... just as they found their ways into the hearts of each other in the book. 
(One of my favorite scenes had to be The Breakfast Club dinner party)

I loved the pathways to finally feeling again... feeling love again in so many different variations. 
Romantic Love. 
Love of a Friend
Finding Love of a Family...even the family that life creates for you along the way...
and most importantly Loving Oneself... 

With a suspenseful nature that sucks you into the world this book creates from the very first page, it was a page turner that I didn't (couldn't) put down all day.
I had so many questions within the first 100-200 pages...
I wondered who was the bigger mystery?
The symbolism of the HANDS and the creations that flow from them... ART, MUSIC, FOOD, WOODWORKING, ETC.
The symbolism of names... how they can be telling, or misleading, or sometimes a lie...

Sometimes finding what you need most, is what you want the least...and maybe you find it where you least expect it, or maybe you had it all along...

For me one of the most telling signs of a book I love is when I wish that I could call up the characters and be friends with them (you know outside of my booknerd head).
And I loved these characters. I wanted to be at Sunday Dinners... and watching General Hospital...and laying on the floor of the garage...
I'll leave it like that to avoid any slippage of details...but gosh I loved them all for so many different reasons. Millay did an amazing job at developing the character layers so that even as we discovered more about Nastya and Josh, we discover more about those who surround them and learn that first appearances aren't what they always seem.

This Book Nerd Says:
5 Stars!

If you haven't read it, I hope that you find the time to read and enjoy!

The Sea of Tranquility

Barnes & Noble:
The Sea Of Tranquility

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast.. BOOMERANG REVIEW

Just wanted to share some fun, sweet, summertime perfect reads really quick...
The following are some of my favorite recent "light and sweet" reads.

BOOMERANG Noelle August
***** 5 Stars out of  5
It was just what a perfect summer read should be.
Light and fun, full of fantastically written dialogue, sweet characters that make you want to be their friend, or be with them, with just enough steaminess to make you want to... well you know...
It's not full of the in your face raunchy hookups...rather it teases you giving you just enough to make you want more (someone knows what they're doing).
I love Mia and her eccentric yet genius mother.
I love Ethan (swoon) and his passion for his new team (can I get an Awww-Man that's hot!)
I loved it and found myself smiling the whole time.
I foresee myself rereading it when I need a pick me up dose of book love.

Mia and Ethan wake up after having a (debatable) one night stand... but when they end up at the same company vying for an internship, things get complicated...and frustrated...and HOT.

Did I mention that the head of this company is a filthy rich twenty year old who is affectionately nicknamed Baby Ryan Gosling?! Oh good googly moogly THANK YOU for that visual!
Could it get any better?
Um yes... book #2 in the BOOMERANG trilogy is focusing on Adam (aka Baby Ryan Gosling) and Alison (you'll meet her...I'll let you decide how you feel  about her for yourself)
Book #2 is called REBOUND and is expected to be published early December 2014. Something to cozy up with this winter!

Also read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS (3.5 stars)


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#MCM- Man Candy Monday... REVISITING Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

It's that time of the week again MAN CANDY MONDAY!
The day when we get to ooh, ahh, gush (hmmm-- maybe bad word choice), and swoon all about our favorite pieces of book man candy!

So I think I've made it clear that I have a penchant for collecting some yummy book boyfriends but today I want to talk about Ridge (Maybe Someday, Colleen Hoover). 
If you haven't read Maybe Someday yet read on for a 100% spoiler free breakdown of book and why Ridge qualifies as this week's #MCM nominee.

Sydney is preparing to celebrate her birthday with her best friend roommate and her longtime boyfriend Hunter when her neighbor catches her attention. 
(Enter Ridge)
He's both yummy and mysterious but that doesn't...or shouldn't...concern her seeing as how she's not looking for a boyfriend. But every evening she finds herself drawn to him through the music he creates on his guitar.
Ridge sees something in Sydney that she doesn't see herself. He pushes her to explore her own talents and gives her a new perspective on her own situation. 
Quickly they realized their connection through music could be what gets them through when things around them began shifting and then free-falling in a way that was never expected. 

A story that reminds us that loving and being in love are two different things.
A story that reminds us that LOVE usually come in the most unexpected way at the most unexpected time. 
That some bad days exist in our lives to make us appreciate the good ones, the same way that heartbreak can remind us of how good love feels when we find it again. 
A reminder that even when we think we lost love we will find it again... even if its not right then... we will...MAYBE SOMEDAY
MAYBE SOMEDAY is a realistic love story full of the messy complications and the roller coaster emotions that come along with it. 

What's even sweeter is this book comes with it's own album full of songs that you will watch be created throughout the novel. 
Maybe Someday, the soundtrack is courtesy of Colleen Hoover being able to collaborate with musician Griffin Peterson and make the characters and their music come to life.
Below is the link to the soundtrack song list and links to both listen and purchase!

Happy Reading!! (AND LISTENING!)

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Eleanor and Park (YA Realistic Romance) 6 out of 5 stars!

So I have been trying to write this review for about four days now and the words keep swirling around in my head because of all the feels that were induced by the pages.
I'm going to try and write this with zero spoilers and yet convey every ounce of passion I currently feel for this book.
Before I begin I'll just start by saying I know there will be people who'll shrug and say "Eh!" or people who wouldn't even bother because of the YA label placed on it.
But then I know there's still some people who will pick up this book and it will affect them.
I was affected, obviously.

It's the late 80's when we meet Park on the school bus and he reluctantly agrees to share his seat on the bus with a new girl simply hoping that she doesn't talk to him. Eleanor draws attention immediately, from her big curly red hair to her clothes.
Soon they begin to bond over their interest in comics and music both of them finding something they never expected to find in the other. It's a sweet story a midst the realities of high school, complete with bullies, misunderstanding parents and the sometimes sad realities that some walk through the hallways of life masking everyday.
It's a love story for everyone who may have ever considered themselves simply ordinary (or even outright geeky). It's a story for anyone who may have simply wanted to fade into the background to escape their own harsh realities. It's this same love story that will remind us of that first love, how it made us feel, how it hurt in ways we never expected to hurt.

And because I'm at another loss of what to say that could sum up my affection for this book I will leave you with this quote...

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” ― Rainbow RowellEleanor & Park

Fall down the rabbit hole and read it... PLEASE.

I will be on my booknerdian knees praying they do this book justice if the film version comes to fruition.

Eleanor and Park
Eleanor and Park

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Get it while it's FREE...K.A. Tucker's ANATHEMA

K.A. Tucker's Anathema is a FREE EBook right now!

It's been on my TBR list for a while and so I jumped on this one. Can't wait to read and let you all know what I thought!
It's the first book in the Casual Enchantment series.

Barnes & Noble Anathema NOOK Book

Amazon Anathema Kindle Book

What are you waiting for? Go click!

Happy Reading!!


So I just finished up reading Melissa Brown's WIFE NUMBER SEVEN ...

I enjoyed the book but my honest rating would have to be about 3.75 stars (out of 5).
The story was different and I enjoyed the different setting (in a polygamist community) however I couldn't shut off the part of my brain that kept telling me that some bits of plot were a little too rushed. I wanted to tell Brinley several times to run but at the same to tell her to be careful where exactly she was running towards. (BRINLEY YOU IN DANGER GIRL)
No spoilers don't worry.
That being said, I enjoyed the overall message of finding your own freedom from whatever may try to cage you. Even more I enjoyed the constant underlying story of SISTERHOOD, what that means, where you find it, and how it can affect you.
Overall I did enjoy the story and it's happily found a home in my personal library!

If you'd like to check it out to see what I mean the links are below!

Wife Number Seven

Barnes & Noble:
Wife Number Seven


Monday, July 21, 2014


FINDING CINDERELLA by Colleen Hoover is a free ebook on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now!

It's the follow up novella for the Hopeless/Losing Hope series featuring my second favorite characters of hers.

Check it out while it lasts!!! Trust me you want to read more Daniel.

Finding Cinderella Nook Book

Finding Cinderella Kindle Edition

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Are you a rereader?

I most certainly am and I have several go to books that must be read every year (sometimes twice a year...okay do we really need to keep count?!).

One of my favorite rereadables (yes I made that word up)is Nicholas Sparks' The Rescue. This is easily my favorite book by him and one of the most overlooked...though I sincerely hope that they don't try and make a film version. It's a story of a chance encounter and the romance and heartbreak that ensues. For me, The Rescue stands apart from the rest of Sparks' novels, we have Denise a struggling single mom who has recently relocated and then there's Taylor, volunteer fireman with a past that he wears as a shield over his heart.
Check it out and let me know what you think!

I couldn't do a post about rereading books without mentioning my favorite Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I stumbled across one of her books (Nobody's Baby But Mine) in a library years ago... the rest, my booknerdian friends, is history. I have read (and own) every single book of hers and am currently awaiting her newest release Heroes Are My Weakness.
SEP writes some book in a series & some as standalones in which we get to glimpses of fave characters from past books- which I love because in my head they all exist in the same universe anyways. She has supplied a good chunk of my fave book boyfriends/husbands/lovers and some very near to heart strong women heroines that I like consider friends in my head.
Please check her out!
If you want a recommendation on which book you can start with then leave me a shout out in the comments and I'll help you out!

Happy Reading!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Release Announced! ROOM FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE- Beth Ehemann

We’re going to a Wedding….

Fans of Beth Ehemann’s Cranberry Inn Series rejoice! We’re getting some more Brody Murphy!!
(insert fan girl swoons)
Q: What’s hotter than a yummy hockey player that both plays hard and loves harder?
A: A Hockey Player that loves your kids and calls them adorable nicknames! (TWINKIES!)

Today the follow up to Kacie and Brody’s story was announced and immediately got added to my want list!
Get ready to make a little more room on your bookshelves/readers for just a little bit more (do you see what I did there?)
ROOM FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE is coming August 11th!
Here is the Goodreads page for it!

Add it to your TBR lists!
If you haven’t read Ehemann’s first two books I’ll give you a little background but please check it out and read it for yourself!

Room For You (#1)
We meet Brody Murphy a hockey star who gets stranded at a small inn where he immediately meets Kacie Jensen, daughter of the inn owner and single mom to her adorable twins. Brody is immediately smitten with all three while Kacie wonders if someone who lived such a carefree life in the limelight would ever be able to be the one thing she really wants, a father for her two girls. Can she make room for Brody Murphy in her life...and in her heart?

Room For You
Barnes and Noble:
Room For You

Room For More (#2)
Kacie may finally have everything she always wanted. But will it last when her past and her present come colliding? Kacie has to decide not just for herself but for her two girls. All she can hope for is that she doesn’t break anyone’s heart, especially her own, while Brody fears that he may lose everything that he wants most in the world.

Room For More
Barnes and Noble:
Room For More

Seriously read them!
I recommend them both for a good aww-filled swoon inducing sweet love story with just enough angst to keep us on our toes!
Let me know how you liked them when you're through!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reviews and PreOrders! (The Summer I Turned Pretty, Blonde Date Reviews)

So sorry for the delay of posts... please forgive me!
I have been obsessed with getting a first draft of a story I am writing down on paper so that has been a big time occupant for me lately but now I am back and ready to talk books...

I have recently read "The Summer I Turned Pretty Series" by Jenny Han and thought it was a fun summer beach read. I also wondered if  I'm the only one who was #teamJeremiah the whole time... anyone? Bueller?
I digress... so yes if you're looking for an easy breezy summer read about first (and second) love you might find it in The Summer I Turned Pretty.
If you already read The Summer I Turned Pretty and enjoyed it, try checking out Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. It has a similar backdrop of a summer up at a lake but Second Chance Summer tells a story about second chances at both love and friendship with a sweet message of family as well.

The most exciting read I did this past week was Sarina Bowen's novella BLONDE DATE (The Ivy Years #2.5).
I read this entire novella with a smile on my face. We first met Katie and Andy in Bowen's second book The Year We Hid Away, and we got a tiny glimpse of the premise of this novella in there as well, but I am so happy we got a bit more of them. I loved both of the preceding Ivy Series books but this novella has just became my favorite. Andy is the sweetest as he helps Katie deal with her embarrassment all while struggling with his own confidence issues, while we get to watch Katie come to terms with who she is and what she wants versus the expectations put upon her by others. I reread the story about three times already loving every bit of it just a little bit more each time. I WANT MORE Katie and Andy! *fingers crossed*
Go Read It! It's still only $0.99
Blonde Date (Barnes and Noble)
Blonde Date (Amazon)
Also included with the novella is the preview for Bowen's next book in the series The Understatement of the Year to be released in Fall 2014
I have my pre-order in already!
Series Order: 
#1 The Year We Fell Down
#2 The Year We Hid Away
#2.5 Blonde Date
#3 The Understatement of the Year (coming soon)

Speaking of pre orders....
Christina Lauren's anticipated Beautiful Beloved is available for preorder on Amazon and for only $0.99 (seriously that's less than a dollar people)
Available Feb 2015
Beautiful Beloved (Barnes and Nobel)
Beautiful Beloved (Amazon)

Still counting down the release of Colleen Hoover's Ugly Love and Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Heroes Are My Weakness !!! coming in August.

What I'm reading this week... We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and then If I Stay/Where She Went by Gayle Foreman... I'll let you know what I think of course!


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Hump Day... Book Boyfriend Edition...

Sorry BookNerdians.... kind of quiet today!
I have been reading lots and beating the summer heat today...

I finished Beautiful Oblivion yesterday and will have my review up shortly so please stay tuned.

Because it's Wednesday and Hump Day... I thought we could talk Book Boyfriends...
Now I have lots (don't judge me)... book boyfriends, book lovers, book husbands, book best guy friends lol...
But today I want to feature one of my very favorite Book Boyfriends...
Will Sumner.
Our Beautiful Player courtesy of the the Beautiful Series by Christina Lauren.
Will is hot, funny, intelligent, and sweet...all great qualities that make him book boyfriend material. Did I mention he was HOT?

If you haven't met Will yet... do yourself a favor and make a date... just remember he's mine lol
Links Below!

Beautiful Player

Barnes and Noble:

FYI, Will's book is Book #5 out of 6 so you can also read the series in order and meet all of Will's get to see to see glimpses of him before Beautiful Player as well. I recommend reading them all!
Check them out here!

Let me know how you like them!
Comment below and tell me who your book boyfriend is for this #bookboyfriendhumpday

Happy Reading! (And Swooning!!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Release Tuesday... Beautiful Oblivion

Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Oblivion is out! 
I repeat Beautiful Oblivion is available for purchase!

We have already met (and swooned over) the youngest Maddox brother, Travis in McGuire's previous books Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster, and in her novella A Beautiful Wedding. 
**If you haven't met him...what are you waiting for?**

Now we get to hear Trent's story and if you believe the hash tag rumbles, #trentislikewhoa

Get your copy and be on the lookout for the full review coming soon!

Amazon: Beautiful Oblivion

Barnes & Noble: Beautiful Oblivion