Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Release Announced! ROOM FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE- Beth Ehemann

We’re going to a Wedding….

Fans of Beth Ehemann’s Cranberry Inn Series rejoice! We’re getting some more Brody Murphy!!
(insert fan girl swoons)
Q: What’s hotter than a yummy hockey player that both plays hard and loves harder?
A: A Hockey Player that loves your kids and calls them adorable nicknames! (TWINKIES!)

Today the follow up to Kacie and Brody’s story was announced and immediately got added to my want list!
Get ready to make a little more room on your bookshelves/readers for just a little bit more (do you see what I did there?)
ROOM FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE is coming August 11th!
Here is the Goodreads page for it!

Add it to your TBR lists!
If you haven’t read Ehemann’s first two books I’ll give you a little background but please check it out and read it for yourself!

Room For You (#1)
We meet Brody Murphy a hockey star who gets stranded at a small inn where he immediately meets Kacie Jensen, daughter of the inn owner and single mom to her adorable twins. Brody is immediately smitten with all three while Kacie wonders if someone who lived such a carefree life in the limelight would ever be able to be the one thing she really wants, a father for her two girls. Can she make room for Brody Murphy in her life...and in her heart?

Room For You
Barnes and Noble:
Room For You

Room For More (#2)
Kacie may finally have everything she always wanted. But will it last when her past and her present come colliding? Kacie has to decide not just for herself but for her two girls. All she can hope for is that she doesn’t break anyone’s heart, especially her own, while Brody fears that he may lose everything that he wants most in the world.

Room For More
Barnes and Noble:
Room For More

Seriously read them!
I recommend them both for a good aww-filled swoon inducing sweet love story with just enough angst to keep us on our toes!
Let me know how you liked them when you're through!

Happy Reading!

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