Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast.. BOOMERANG REVIEW

Just wanted to share some fun, sweet, summertime perfect reads really quick...
The following are some of my favorite recent "light and sweet" reads.

BOOMERANG Noelle August
***** 5 Stars out of  5
It was just what a perfect summer read should be.
Light and fun, full of fantastically written dialogue, sweet characters that make you want to be their friend, or be with them, with just enough steaminess to make you want to... well you know...
It's not full of the in your face raunchy hookups...rather it teases you giving you just enough to make you want more (someone knows what they're doing).
I love Mia and her eccentric yet genius mother.
I love Ethan (swoon) and his passion for his new team (can I get an Awww-Man that's hot!)
I loved it and found myself smiling the whole time.
I foresee myself rereading it when I need a pick me up dose of book love.

Mia and Ethan wake up after having a (debatable) one night stand... but when they end up at the same company vying for an internship, things get complicated...and frustrated...and HOT.

Did I mention that the head of this company is a filthy rich twenty year old who is affectionately nicknamed Baby Ryan Gosling?! Oh good googly moogly THANK YOU for that visual!
Could it get any better?
Um yes... book #2 in the BOOMERANG trilogy is focusing on Adam (aka Baby Ryan Gosling) and Alison (you'll meet her...I'll let you decide how you feel  about her for yourself)
Book #2 is called REBOUND and is expected to be published early December 2014. Something to cozy up with this winter!

Also read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS (3.5 stars)


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