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This Review Runneth Over With Feels... The Sea of Tranquility (Katja Millay)

Where to begin?
Don't worry this will be 100% spoiler free so feel free to continue reading...

I just finished this book about fifteen minutes ago before writing this but I felt so compelled to start writing this review so I hope that my emotions allow me to do it true justice.

Meet Nastya Kashnikov, a girl who has perfected running away, running hard and fast, from anything that could hurt or worse yet make her feel...

"I'd rather be alone than have to pretend I'm okay."

Nastya is the new girl in town determined to remain left alone by everyone after a tragedy leaves her trying to bury the past. Her secrets are well guarded and she is determined to keep anyone who would threaten that at a distance.
Her secrets, her pain, and her tragedies are hers and hers alone.
It's a plan she intends to follow through on until her paths cross with someone just as guarded as she is...

Josh Bennett is familiar with loss. 
He loses everyone that he loves and by the time he begins his senior year, there's no one left. Knowing well that he seems unable to hold onto anyone he loves, Josh keeps everyone at arms length. 

While Nastya has perfected running away, Josh has become a master at hiding.

What happens when two people so determined not to feel anything anymore, when one loves to run and one loves to hide, can't seem to stop being drawn together?

More than than the story of Nastya and Josh.... I enjoyed the others that seem to find their ways into the crevices of their lives despite desperate attempts to keep them out. 
Drew, Clay, Mrs. Leighton, even Sarah and Tierney...
Each of these characters found a soft tender spot of my booknerdian  heart... just as they found their ways into the hearts of each other in the book. 
(One of my favorite scenes had to be The Breakfast Club dinner party)

I loved the pathways to finally feeling again... feeling love again in so many different variations. 
Romantic Love. 
Love of a Friend
Finding Love of a Family...even the family that life creates for you along the way...
and most importantly Loving Oneself... 

With a suspenseful nature that sucks you into the world this book creates from the very first page, it was a page turner that I didn't (couldn't) put down all day.
I had so many questions within the first 100-200 pages...
I wondered who was the bigger mystery?
The symbolism of the HANDS and the creations that flow from them... ART, MUSIC, FOOD, WOODWORKING, ETC.
The symbolism of names... how they can be telling, or misleading, or sometimes a lie...

Sometimes finding what you need most, is what you want the least...and maybe you find it where you least expect it, or maybe you had it all along...

For me one of the most telling signs of a book I love is when I wish that I could call up the characters and be friends with them (you know outside of my booknerd head).
And I loved these characters. I wanted to be at Sunday Dinners... and watching General Hospital...and laying on the floor of the garage...
I'll leave it like that to avoid any slippage of details...but gosh I loved them all for so many different reasons. Millay did an amazing job at developing the character layers so that even as we discovered more about Nastya and Josh, we discover more about those who surround them and learn that first appearances aren't what they always seem.

This Book Nerd Says:
5 Stars!

If you haven't read it, I hope that you find the time to read and enjoy!

The Sea of Tranquility

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The Sea Of Tranquility

Happy Reading!

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