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FLAWLESS by Jennifer McGill-Sadera... Review

by Jennifer McGill-Sadera

Genre: Dark Contemporary
Age Category: New Adult
Release Date: September 2013
Nobody's perfect. Except Lia Copeland. She's flawless. And worshiped. And hated. From her perfectly proportioned figure and enviable bone structure to her instinctual talent for clothing design and cavalier attitude, Lia's the woman every other woman wants to be and every man wants to have. Catapulted from sigh-maker in the high-school halls to superstardom in the fashion world, she makes it look easy. A girl like that has everything; every reason to be happy. Then why does Lia Copeland just want everyone to leave her the hell alone?
A story about the choices made in the wake of travail and tragedy, it explores relationships with all their messy and marvelous moments and magnifies the beauty, wonder and endurance of first love.

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About the author:

Jennifer McGill-Sadera first worked in the publishing industry as a junior copywriter for NAL/Penguin. She has written and edited for newspapers and magazines as a free-lancer and on the staffs of major women's publications "Woman's World" and "Redbook." Her New Adult novel "Flawless" is her first published book, though she admits to writing three previous unpublished books "just for fun." A nature lover, she recently became a certified horticulturist and has a side business designing flower gardens. She and her husband live in upstate New York with their two kids, two dogs and a lop-eared rabbit, who, incidentally, has a starring role in "Flawless."

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My Review:
**I received this copy in exchange for an honest review**

Sometimes I read a book that shocks me because it was full of so much more than I had expected. This was one of those kind of books for me.
Flawless opens in 1995 and we meet Lia Copeland at the end of her last year of high school. Within the hallways of her school she is called an ice queen, a tease, even royalty, because Lia just does not care about anyone or anything (at least not the way everyone thinks she should). We are quickly introduced to her inner sanctum of friends. John, Doug, Maddie, and Wilson are the only people she considers to be close to her. But even those closest to her don't seem to understand why she shows no feeling. But what they don't realize is that her apathetic approach to life may very well be a defense mechanism. When someone like Lia opens herself up to truly feel about someone or something, she would open herself up to have to feel about everyone and everything.
"Keeping apart from others kept me safe." 

I loved the emotions this story evoked.
I love a story about life long friendships... friendships that have become tried and true through disagreements and reunions; through triumphs and tragedies.
Lia's character was a favorite of mine, and I found myself very defensive of her almost immediately knowing that her heart wasn't as cold as everyone made it out to seem.That her flawless persona was just that...a persona. Without a judgmental view, I wanted to get to know her. I wanted to understand the depths that she struggled to stay afloat on.
But in addition to Lia, the secondary characters were so well written; their personalities so beautifully crafted that they became my friends as much as they are Lia's.
Her relationship with Wilson is beautifully grown from the first introduction of his character to the last words of the book. He was a reminder of what the unconditional love of a soul mate can do for a bruised heart.
When Chad is introduced, we get the third part of the brewing love triangle. A love triangle that is far from typical and out of reach of most everyone else's understanding.
But out of all the relationships and bonds created throughout the decade of Lia's life that Flawless covers... my favorite and the one that touched my heart the most is her relationship with Doug. When he tells Lia that it is he in fact that knows her better than anyone, speaks volumes. It was the progression of their connection that first brought me to my first round of tears throughout reading.
But it wouldn't be my last teary breakdown.

Flawless is not a light read, it isn't a quick read.
It is one of those reads that will make you think, and it was certainly one of the reads that made me feel. While I felt certain parts lagged a bit, I later thought that without those parts, the story wouldn't be quite the same. It's full of the ups and downs, twists and turns that made it impossible for me to put down until I finished it. It deals with heavier issues, but it also deals with LOVE in all its forms.

"We grew up together...learning not only our letters but about the hearts of those around us. We navigated through the turbulent tides of human nature at the local high school, the false friends and heartrending breakups of first loves, which never last. But we discovered the relationships that will last..." 

As I have noted before, one of the marks of a great read for me personally is whether or not I would want to hang out with the characters in real life. In the case of Flawless, my answer is absolutely YES to every single character (except Daisy... definitely not Daisy).

This Book Nerd Says: FOUR STARS !!

Happy Reading!!

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