Monday, August 4, 2014

ICYMI Monday (Dystopian Lovers) Razorland Trilogy

If you are a lover of all things Dystopian and think you've read all there is to read maybe you've overlooked Ann Aguirre's Razorland trilogy. {Enclave, Outpost, Horde}

It's not your average Dystopian story line but that's what makes it even better.
It has a bit more Science Fiction and a slight feel of Zombie Apocalypse (DO NOT LET THAT STEER YOU AWAY).
A little background:
We have a post apocalyptic New York City where most people have taken to living in underground communities called  Enclaves. No one here is expected to live past their 20's. Here we meet Deuce...she's 15 and a newly declared Huntress. She's soon paired to work with Fade, a Hunter who knew the world outside of the Enclave as he was born as a Top Sider. They soon realize that things are changing and when they try and fail to warn their enclave of the encroaching Freaks or cannibalistic monsters, they are banished above ground. Deuce doesn't know how to survive daylight and the new challenges that await her while Fade is forced to remember his past.
They both have to deal with these new events, new dangers, and new feelings as they try to figure out how to stay alive.
That's just in the first book.

It's good I'm telling you.
It's like I AM LEGEND had a threesome with Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) & Under The Never Sky series (Veronica Rossi) BUT it becomes something completely unique and amazing in its own space.The other books cannot be placed side by side but if you enjoyed HG and Never Sky as much as I did (which is IMMENSELY!!!) I know you will love these books too... I'm like 99.8% positive.

I won't lie it's a bit gory and gruesome in some detailed bits especially in the later books but it's a dystopian trilogy that talks about war and plague and so I actually appreciate how well written and balanced it was.

Each book builds on the previous perfectly as we watch Deuce mature and develop  into such a strong female character, despite what others would want her to be. Beyond the war and plague, and of course the expected love story, we also get stories of redemption, friendship, family and personal growth/strength. Characters that you hated become characters that you become fond of. I cried a few times, and it only added to my appreciation of what Aguirre did with these books.

And when you figure out why it's called the Razorland Trilogy, you will get that goose bump A-HA! inspired moment.

This set is one of my top 5 favorites Dystopian Trilogies, so I hope you give it a read and let me know what you think.

Here's the GOODREADS breakdown for you:
Goodreads Enclave Razorland #1

Goodreads Outpost Razorland #2

Goodreads Horde Razorland #3

Happy Reading!!

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