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I have been feeling a little bit of book withdrawal as I wait for the lastest book in Sarina Bowen's Ivy League series (you can check out what I had to say about the recently published BLONDE DATE novella HERE! )
So after perusing my TBR shelf I jumped into a Romance read also by Bowen.
Coming In From The Cold is the first book in the Gravity series, with the second book expected to be published this December.
If you are familiar with the Ivy League Series, this is not the same kind of love story. Its hotter and steamier right from the gate.

Dane Hollister is an Olympic Alpine Skier who attacks the hill ruthlessly. He's known as Danger, and it's for a good reason. But for Dane, the danger he's most scared of is never found on the freshly powdered hills and mountains, and it's that awareness that keeps him from ever having any kind of relationship. He has a no strings attached, no false expectation, one night only policy...

Then one stormy night he meets Willow Reade. A woman who begins to stir up feelings and desires that he had sworn off for life. 

Willow is stuck. 
She's stuck in a big farm house in rural Vermont. 
She's stuck in life unable to move forward with her own future plans. 
She's stuck in a blizzard...but she's not alone. 

Braving out the blizzard with each other Willow and Dane find themselves opening up to one another and soon give in for one night only...

But when the night ends and they find themselves still thrust together by the aftereffects. Willow struggles with her own decisions as Dane's secret becomes revealed. 
The two must figure out what to do when life grows stormy yet again. 

When it's time for Dane to take the biggest jump of his life, will he go big or go home?

It's a quick read, so the story line does move along fast however it didn't detract from the story for me.
I expected it to be a hot and steamy romance...that's exactly what I got. But I also got a bit more. Dane's character... I loved. I felt for him as you could feel him waging the internal battle between what he wants and what he feels he can have. The analogy of the wrongly imprisoned person was spot on perfect to describe what Dane was going to face and what those around him were going to have to be aware of.

And may I just add- as a New Englander (born and bred) I have never had the pleasure of getting stuck in a blizzard and been stranded with a guy like Dane *sigh*

I gave it 4 STARS.
So if you're looking for a little extra heat, give it a read and enjoy!

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