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Reviews are in! BROKEN Series (Kimberly Lauren)

This weekend I went on a reading splurge and read all three Broken novels back to back.
Now let me say I keep teetering between liked it and really liked it on my star rating for these books.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the read but in a way I felt like I knew what would happen before it happened so it fell into the predictable yet still enjoyable category.
Let me break it down for you...
If you like college romances (I do!), and tattooed bad boys (who doesn't?), angsty drama, and fun friendships... I think you may really like these books.

Em is a dirty blonde, green eyed bombshell with a reputation for getting around. Not that she's ashamed of it. She doesn't want a relationship. Em believes relationships are pointless because if the people you love aren't cheating on you they're busy dying. 
To protect herself and everyone else from false expectations she has three simple rules...
1. Never sleep with someone a friend has feelings for
2. Never sleep with someone in a relationship
3. Never sleep with someone more than three times
Simple right?
When she does the walk of shame right past her new neighbor Jaxon Riley everything begins to change. 
Jaxon, is a tattooed motorcycle riding football  player who finally left his trouble making ways in Texas, only to move right next door to the biggest trouble in Southern California.

"I don't care what your reputation is; most of us don't have good ones anyways. That's what makes them reputations." 

The mutual attraction is there. The sexual chemistry is definitely there. 
But then so is the recipe for heartbreak and disaster when Jaxon tempts Em to break all her rules. And what happens when someone from Jaxon's past shows up and threatens it all...
"Please stop running from me." 
"Please stop trying to catch me." 

In this first story we also get an introduction to Em's sister & best friend Quinn, her "brother" Cole, and Jace who just so happens to be the brother of Jaxon.

(loved the epilogue!)

This book focuses on Jace...the identical twin brother of Jaxon (yep you read that right, we get double the hottie factor) and Audrey.
Now when I read that this book would focus on the both of them I wasn't feeling it. By the time book one left us I didn't like Audrey... AT ALL!
This book completely changed my opinion of Audrey almost immediately. Different than book #1 we get alternating viewpoints which I thought was a good choice for their story.

Audrey has a rough life. The daughter of parents who abuse drugs, alcohol, and Audrey, she is a girl from the "other" side of town who literally runs into the delicious Jace. After a coffee date and a promise to meet later, she shows up at a party and falls into bed with him, only to wake up and realize her mistake. A mistake that haunts her through the next few years. 

Jace is struggling. He resents being an identical twin and the expectations put upon him by trying to live up to what his dad and now his brother want. When the girl he can't seem to forget shows up in his life again, he has to figure out a way to keep her and not betray all those around him. 
But when tragedy strikes Jace is faced  with the possibility of losing more of the people he loves most. 

BBMess was full a few lovely heartwarming surprises and a sweet epilogue!
**must note I realized that in book #1 I loved Jace more than Jaxon... but in book #2 I quickly began to love Jaxon more than Jace... lol go figure!

Lane's story. It's a standalone so you don't have to read the others first BUT I recommend that you do because it flows so well reading them in order.
Lane is the best friend of Audrey whom we have previously met. We found out that he had a degree in Criminal Justice and a life in NY before he changed course and showed up in California. He has secrets. Secrets that he's carried around for years and he's been waiting for a call that could change everything for him. A call for a second chance with the girl he lost...
The story jumps right into the action as Lane gets called away to Mexico. We immediately get a glimpse at his secret and the TWIST (THAT I DID NOT SEE COMING!) 

For me the really liked it comes from the girls of the stories. I always say the mark of a good read is whether or not i'd want to hang out with the characters, and I can say that I'd love a girls night with the four girls of the Broken series.
So there you have it... I'd say you should read it and star it  for yourself. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the reads especially if you're just looking for a fun yum-filled summer read (or three).

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