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TEN BELOW ZERO - Review (+ a special release day Giveaway)

Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti
New Adult Romance- Available NOW!!

“In here,” he said, pushing on the skin above my heart, “you're ten below zero. And you’re closer to death than I am.”

My name is Parker. My body is marked with scars from an attack I don’t remember. I don’t want to remember. I choose to live my life by observation, not through experience. While people are laughing and kissing and connecting, I’m in the corner. Watching them live. I’m indifferent to everything, everyone. The only emotion I feel with any kind of depth is annoyance, and I feel it often.

A text message sent to the wrong number proves to be my undoing.

His name is Everett, but I call him rude. He’s pushy, he’s arrogant, he crowds my personal space, and worst of all: he makes me feel.

He chooses to wear all black, all the time, as if he’s waiting to attend a funeral. Probably because he is.

Everett is dying. And he’s spending his final days living, truly living. In doing so, he’s forcing me to feel, to heal. To come face to face with the demons I suppressed in my memory.

He hurts me, he fulfills me, he completes me. And still, he's dying.

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“Your roommates are nosey,” Everett commented, sitting back on the bed. He reached into the suitcase again. “You would know,” I said, snatching a bra from his hands. Everett shrugged. “It’s underwear. More specifically, it’s your underwear. I’m intrigued.” “Yeah, well don’t get any ideas.” Everett leaned back into the pillows, resting his hands behind his head again. “Oh, but I have a lot of ideas.” He winked at me. I stalked away towards my dresser and began pulling things from drawers. When I turned back around, Everett was holding another bra. “You don’t wear padding,” he commented, his fingers feeling along the lined cup. “No.” “I like that.” My hands stilled. And then I moved them again. “Why?” I didn’t care. Really, I didn’t. “Lies.” I turned around. “Lies?” “I like the truth. In every way.” He seemed lost in thought so I turned back around and packed my things. “Am I really doing this?” I asked myself. “Yes, you are.” I turned around again. “Why?” It wasn’t a question he should know the answer to. But he did. “Because you hate and you love the way I make you feel.” I was naked under his gaze. Skin was just that: skin. But to see your soul stripped, laid bare for the eyes of someone you barely knew – that was terrifying. I’d walk down the street naked a hundred times before I would let someone see what lay underneath. I’d spent my life alone. Bounced from foster home to foster home. When my tastes outgrew my age as a teenager, I traded boys for men and found myself still alone. I reveled in the loneliness. No one could hurt me but me, and did I really care if I hurt me? Did I care? If I found pleasure in anything, it was my lack of feeling. And that’s how I knew, when Everett told me not to fall in love with him, that I wouldn’t. I didn’t love myself. And wasn’t loving someone also loving yourself, the parts that saw the beauty in other people? I didn’t have that part. And I didn’t want it. “I don’t love anything,” I said. “I know.” His eyes were unsmiling.
About the Author
I am the author of new adult romance novels. He Found Me (May 2014) is the first in a two-part series. Ten Below Zero (August 2014) is a standalone.

I am married with two boys. When I’m not changing diapers or cutting food into tiny bites, I escape to Starbucks for hours. I could drink my weight in their black iced tea.

I love music and have a playlist for everything.

I have about 20 bacon things in my fridge.
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.... And now my review....
This Book Nerd Says:
**I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review via Love Between The Sheets **

This is the second book I have read from the author. While this book (TEN BELOW ZERO) is a standalone and can be read as one, there is a scene and a reference from her first book "He Found Me".  
For me this book was a roller coaster. 
Not one of those lightning quick, loop-de-loop, whiplash inducing roller coasters. Rather it was one of those old wooden coasters. You know the ones I'm talking about? The kind where all you can hear is the clack-clack-clack of the wheels on the track, the car wobbling a little bit as you begin the journey, the kind when you begin to wonder "how safe is this? or what did I get myself into?"
When I started reading TEN BELOW ZERO, I couldn't seem to find my "reader footing" with it. I instantly had tons of questions but I also worried that all the questions were distracting from the book and being able to lose myself in the plot. 
It was a precarious buildup...climbing to that first drop... the climb seeming a bit slow...
And then out of nowhere you hit that first breath stealing drop. 
The moment TEN BELOW ZERO collides with a bit of the story line from HE FOUND ME, is the exact moment this book started to change my introductory rating... 
The moment that we see the first concrete signs of change... 
The moment when we know that Everett is going to break his own rules...
The moment that Parker went from indifferent and callous to... feeling. 

I would imagine that some would take issue with Everett because of his "rude" persona from the very beginning. But for me it was to the contrary, he intrigued me from the very beginning honestly. When Parker meets Everett through what we can only chalk up to pure serendipity... I felt the same intrigue that Parker felt. Strangely as much as Parker's past is a mystery to us as the reader, it was Everett's story that made me want to know more. 
His "rudeness" is not a real rudeness, rather it was a lack of patience for lying and beating around the bush. When you are dying, you stop wasting words... you stop wasting time doing anything other than living. 
And living is what Parker avoids doing at all costs. 

Somewhere deep inside she knew there lay the memories that held the pain that went along with her scars. The pain that she had forgotten. The pain that she didn't wish to feel anymore. She just existed until Everett. 
And then along their trip, in the midst of her trying to convince him to fight to stay alive... he convinces her to stop fighting pain so she can come alive. 
It's Everett who shows her that there is pleasure in pain. 
If you can feel pain, you can feel...
If you can feel, you can truly live.

But the thing about feeling is there is no buffet line of emotions. When you allow yourself to feel one thing, you tend to feel it all. And good golly almighty does Parker feel it all!
And I swear I about cried for the last thirty pages of the book...
I couldn't help but to think of that age old question. 
"Is it better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all?"

I gave this book 3.75 -4 STARS!

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Read it with some tissues nearby!

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