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This Is Falling by Ginger Scott... FIVE STAR REVIEW!!

**I received this book as an ARC from the author via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review**

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much while I read this book. Before I get into my review and thoughts here's a look at the cover and book blurb!

Book Blurb:
First, I had to remember how to breathe. Then, I had to learn how to survive. Two years, three months and sixteen days had passed since I was the Rowe Stanton from before, since tragedy stole my youth and my heart went along with it.

When I left for college, I put a thousand miles between my future and my past. I’d made a choice—I was going to cross back to the other side, tolive with the living. I just didn’t know how.

And then I met Nate Preeter.

An All-American baseball player, Nate wasn't supposed to notice a ghost-of-a-girl like me. But he did. He shouldn't want to know my name. But he did. And when he learned my secret and saw the scars it left behind, he was supposed to run. But he didn't.

My heart was dead, and I was never supposed to belong to anyone. But Nate Preeter had me feeling, and he made me want to be his. He showed me everything I was missing.

And then he showed me how to fall.


This was my first time reading any of Ginger Scott's books and I am in love. 
Let me just say this: I love a college romance story. I love an athlete story. I love LOVE.

I started reading the book and couldn't even think about putting it down. It was so well written. The dialogue so playful and natural that it was so easy to get lost in the story. Her characters were favorites of mine right from the beginning and as the story progressed and I began to see more of their layers, even the ones I wasn't too sure of (or fond of) quickly became the subjects of some aww-inspiring moments (Paige, anyone?)
From the moment Nate and Rowe meet in the hallway... I take that back... from the moment he calls her '33', I just knew I would be adding him to the top of my list of book boyfriends. 

I don't want to give any of the story away but the story itself makes it so hard for me because the second I finished it (at 1:30 a.m.) I wanted to talk about it with someone! There are moments that will make you cry, happily sigh, even a few moments of "No! Why did you go and do that?!"  
But there was a smile playing on my lips more often than not from beginning to end, complete with a bunch of laugh out loud moments.

As soon as you begin to read you know that something awful happened in Rowe's life two years ago. She has decided to leave home after two years of being home schooled and ends up at McConnell far from her home in Arizona. I say that mainly because while there is the impending wait for an answer to what happened, it isn't this blind siding event within the book. You know it's coming... and even though you know it was coming you probably won't expect it to be what it is. I didn't (and I tend to see things coming).
When the answer to the big question is revealed, you feel your heart tug, twist, and watch the pieces fall into place perfectly. 
You understand every small tell of Rowe's and you get a clearer understanding of her inner struggle. You empathize with her growing desire to finally be free...

And then there's Nate. He's an All American Athlete with all the good looks and charm that turn him into a guy that girls often dream about being able to call theirs. But from the moment he sees Rowe, he only wants her. 
I fell in love with Nate a little more as he hears and accepts her past. Loving him even more as he helps her remember how to live again... how to really breathe...

And Gosh! I loved the friends she makes (answering one my favorite 'sign of a good book' question). 

My takeaway thought would have to be the beautiful reminder that while first loves will stay within our hearts, second loves can be pretty phenomenal as well. 

I loved it. 

And then to finish it and get a sneak peak at Ty's story.... standby for my squeals of happiness...

Here is the link for GOODREADS make sure you add it to your TBR lists. It's set for release later this month so keep your eyes out for it on the shelves or in the shops!

I immediately went to add her other novels to my TBR and I can't wait to read them!

Happy Reading!!

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