Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In Her Wake Review 5 STARS

Before you knew him as Trent in Ten Tiny Breaths, he was Cole Reynolds—and he had it all. Until one night when he makes a fatal, wrong decision…and loses everything.

When a drunken night out at a Michigan State college party results in the death of six people, Cole must come to terms with his part in the tragedy. Normally, he’d be able to lean on his best friends—the ones who have been in his life since he could barely walk. Only, they’re gone. Worse, there’s the shattered body of a sixteen-year-old girl lying somewhere in a hospital bed, her entire life ripped from her because of a case of beer and a set of keys.

Everyone assures him that they know it wasn’t intentional, and yet he can’t ignore the weight of their gazes, the whispers behind his back. Nor can he shake the all-consuming guilt he feels every time he thinks of that girl who won’t so much as allow him near her hospital room to apologize. As the months go by and the shame and loneliness festers, Cole begins to lose his grip on what once was important—college, his girlfriend, his future. His life. It’s not until Cole hits rock-bottom that he can begin to see another way out of his personal hell: forgiveness.

And there’s only one person who can give that to him…


I have to jump right in there and say this is another FIVE STAR novella read for me.
I know some people don't like novellas, but for me, a novella can be the perfect addition to a beloved series.
In Her Wake... is that perfect addition.
We already meant Trent in Ten Tiny Breaths. But now we get a deeper peek into the tragedy that converged both his and Kacey's paths.
Now because it's a novella and so it's not that long, I especially don't want to give anything away because I like to keep these spoiler free. So I will keep this short and just provide you with the assurance that if you thought you already loved Trent as much as you could, make a little more room in your heart because Cole might change that again. I fell in love with both him and Kacey in Ten Tiny Breaths, but this story did a phenomenal job at letting us into the pain and heartbreaking emotions that led these two to the point where we initially met them. It isn't a story that will have you smiling at the sweetness, rather it's a tale that will make you feel so much watching two young people who desperately struggle to living a life that seems fraught with painful memories.
Even though the book is written from Trent's POV, I enjoyed the snap shots at Kacey's life before everything changed.
While In Her Wake leaves off right along the same spot that Ten Tiny Breaths picks up, I will note that I would strongly suggest reading Ten Tiny Breaths BEFORE you dive into reading IHW.
You can't go wrong as this is such an amazing well written series, that each book leaves you loving the characters and wanting even more.

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