Friday, October 3, 2014

REVIEW... How We Deal With Gravity by Ginger Scott

**I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Goodreads Book Blurb: 

When her son Max was diagnosed with autism, Avery Abbot’s life changed forever. Her husband left, and her own dreams became a distant fantasy—always second to fighting never-ending battles to make sure Max was given opportunity, love and respect. Finding someone to fight along her side wasn’t even on her list, and she’d come to terms with the fact that she could never be her own priority again. 

But a familiar face walking into her life in the form of 25-year-old Mason Street had Avery’s heart waging a war within. Mason was a failure. When he left his hometown five years ago, he was never coming back—it was only a matter of time before his records hit the billboard charts. Women, booze and rock-n-roll—that was it for him. But it seemed fate had a different plan in mind, and with a dropped record contract, little money and nowhere to go, Mason turned to the only family that ever made him feel home—the Abbots. 

Avery loved Mason silently for years—until he broke her heart…completely. But time and life have a funny way of changing people, and sometimes second chances are there for a reason. Could this one save them both?


This Book Nerd Says: 

"But sometimes you need to remember about the important things here on the ground. Not just all that tempting stuff that's up in the clouds." 

There's nothing like picking up a book on chilly rainy day and having it warm your soul. That's exactly what I felt upon finishing How We Deal With GravityLet me start by saying that I adored this story from beginning to end. I love a second chance love story and this is that PLUS more. 
Avery Abbot has her life down to a science... or better said a checklist. She has no room for error especially when the most important person in her life, her five year old son Max, depends on her. Max is autistic. So Avery's life revolves around helping her son achieve everything he can while that also means bearing the bumps and bruises that come along the way. She just needs to get him through each day.
But then Mason Street shows up. Mason was the first guy she loved, and the first guy who broke her heart. Mason Street is the last guy she wants showing up now. 

Mason is back in his small hometown after losing his dream record contract. With his embarrassment fresh in his mind and nowhere to go he finds himself back among his secondary family. The family he'd left behind and hadn't seen in years. But things weren't exactly the same. The mousy girl known as Birdie he remembered was gone and in her place was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. She not only opens his eyes to finally see her... she opens his ears so that he can finally hear his music, she helps him find his passion again.
But she's not the only one. 
It's not long before Mason works himself back the heart of Avery and wins over the rarely won affections of Max. 

"If I could do it again..." he pauses, his eyes unmistakably on me now. "I would definitely kiss the girl in the closet." 

That line right there ^^ literally made me squeal a little (a lot). 
Reading the prologue about Avery's struggle with Max in the grocery store is what really sucked me into the book. It painted such a vivid picture about how Avery had to just get through each day alone with the judgmental stares and comments of others. Right from then I wanted to just hug her and tell her she was doing an awesome job. I always love a strong, smart female lead character but with Avery,  I admired her for her strength and fierce determination to get it right. But I felt sad for her too, at twenty four, she was already looking at spending her life missing out on affection from anyone other than her father and her best friend.  
So when Mason steps up and begins to have this connection with Max, well he about stole my heart right then too. I mean not only a man who's good with kids, but a man who steps up in that role and loves a kid who isn't his own... yup... BOOK BOYFRIEND STATUS
I really enjoyed that this story, while about a musician, didn't exclusively focus on the 'rock and roll' lifestyle. It really was about family and it accordingly stayed primarily focused on Avery, Mason, and Max. But I did love how the music played an important role through the entire book.  
Honestly the only thing that truly frustrated me about the story was how long it took Mason to actually punch Ben in the face. 
Even with a few teary moments, this was a sweet story with an even sweeter ending. 

I'm giving this one 4 Stars!

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