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FIVE Star Review for Luck On The Line by Zoraida Cordova

I received the book via the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Just in time for a #MCM (Man Crush Monday) post,  I read Luck On The Line by Zoraida Cordova, and I absolutely without a doubt loved the book. I really couldn't give it anything less than FIVE STARS and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.  Before I get into all the reasons why I loved the story so much, let me give you the basics: 

Book Blurb (courtesy of Goodreads)
To turn her life around, she’ll have to stand the heat. To fulfill his dreams, he’ll have to get Lucky. 

Despite her name, Lucky Pierce has always felt a little cursed. Refusing to settle for less or settle down, she changes jobs as often as she changes boyfriends. When her celebrity chef mother challenges her to finish something, Lucky agrees to help her launch Boston’s next hot restaurant, The Star. Even if it means working with the infuriating, egotistical, and undeniably sexy head chef.

James loves being known as Boston’s hottest bad boy in the kitchen, but if he wants to build a reputation as a serious chef, he has to make this restaurant work and keep his scandalous past out of the headlines. Getting involved with his boss’s spoiled, sharp-tongued daughter is definitely not on the menu.

As the launch of The Star looms and the tension and chemistry heat up in the kitchen, they’re going to need more than a little luck to keep everything from boiling over.

Luck On The Line (On The Verge #1) Goodreads Page

This Book Nerd Says
With the amount of books I read, sometimes it takes a really special book to stand out to me. 
Luck On The Line was a really really special book. Once I started reading there was no chance that I was going to put it down. Cordova captured my full attention from the very first page and I was still just as enamored at the close of the book. 
At times I'll read a book and love one of the MCs but have apprehension about how I feel about the other. I did not have this problem at all with this story. Not only did I adore both of the main characters, but I think I felt the same level of attachment with (almost) every other supporting character as well. 
If the great character development and brilliantly unique and fun story line isn't enough for you... then prepare yourself for the food and drinks. Tastefully (see what I did there) integrated throughout the entire book, there are meals described that will set your mouth watering and drinks that will have you ready for your next night out. 

We first meet Lucy  Lucky Pierce as she reluctantly returns home to Boston to meet with her mother. It doesn't take long for us to find that Lucky isn't exactly known for her unwavering commitment to seeing things through. She's a multiple declared major, but not even close to actually seeing one turn into a degree. That doesn't do anything to diminish the love I now have for her, it took only four pages for me to declare her as one of my book "besties in my head".  
Lucky is smart, witty, and cultured- all of which make her natural beauty seem even more stunning. After she gives the most attractive guy she's seen in a long time a piece of her mind in the coffee shop, they quickly enter a relationship that's practically laced with sexual tension, but we'll come back to that in a minute. First I'd like to talk about another important relationship that exists in this book, the one with the main reason Lucky has come to town, her mother.

Lucky & Stella
Stella Carter is a successful woman, heading her own culinary empire, on the cusp of opening her new restaurant The Star. Lucky is only in town because of a promise she made her mother, a promise that they'd always spend one particular day of the year together. But now that she's in Boston, Stella baits Lucky into staying to help pull the restaurant out of pre-opening chaos. Before she knows it  she's doing the one thing she didn't expect... staying put. 
Though their relationship definitely has it's own tension, I liked Stella Carter from the very beginning. Yeah okay, she's critical of Lucky's choices and is pushing her towards more, but I had the sense that she genuinely loved Lucky (like a great mom would) and just wanted her to be successful and find her own direction. And despite the resistance to her mother's wishes, it's obvious that Lucky loves her mother, even if she didn't approve (understand) of all her mother's choices. Because of that love for each other, you know that things will eventually smooth out... and eventually they do. 

Back to the hot guy from the coffee shop. 
Jay... soon to be discovered as James Hughes... is the new Executive Chef at the aforementioned restaurant. 
I'm going to need you to really get a clear picture of James. 

  • Incredibly Sexy (and those eyes)
  • Charming (perfectly balanced with a touch of sarcasm)
  • Just enough Alpha to keep it sexy and not overwhelming
  • Talented and Driven
  • HAS SUBSTANCE! This is not just a hot guy... this is a hot guy who has some serious depth

Bonus Points: HE COOKS! (and cooks is totally an understatement)
James Hughes = bacon wrapped book boyfriend - it gets no better. 
(After you read this book come back and talk to me about that after breakfast scene... HOT)

Both Lucky and James carry their past with them, sometimes struggling with the memories, but what I appreciated most was that they handled the "obstacles" with a realistic sense of maturity. 
James, won me as a forever fan girl when he makes the effort to make things completely clear and honest between them. Simultaneously, I added another reason to my "why I love Lucky" list when she handles his revelations so well. 
There is no unnecessary drama, no long distracting drawn out issues, plus a surprise I didn't see coming!  

"I may not know a lot of things, but if a man feels this good, I probably shouldn't let him go." 

Just Perfection. 

So I've raved enough for you to know that this is such an easy FIVE STAR RATING
I am so hungry for the second book!
Make sure you RSVP it to your TBRs and pick it up when it comes out, you don't want to miss out on this one!


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