Friday, December 26, 2014

ARC REVIEW... With A Twist by Sawyer Bennett

* I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Wyatt Banks is ready to give one woman the world. Unfortunately, his job as a cop tends to interfere with other goals. When Wyatt is sent deep undercover to investigate a sex slave ring, he doesn’t have time to do anything but focus on staying alive in a dark and dangerous underworld.

Wyatt isn’t alone though in his quest to save the women that are being sold into sexual slavery. 

His partner, FBI Agent Andrea Somerville, is immersed just as deeply as he is, and she’s the bait to lure the sex slavers out into the open, as she poses as an erotic dancer in an attempt to snare the enemy. But danger runs as high as the sparks between them, and now Wyatt is caught between the job he loves and the woman he wants.


This Book Nerd Says: 

I was so excited to get a chance to read the upcoming new addition to the LAST CALL SERIES by Sawyer Bennett. Each book can be read as a standalone but having read the first and the second books before I read this one made me feel like I was visiting old friends. But if this is going to be your first read of the series, don't worry the other characters are explained enough to give you all the information that you need to know. 

The story opens with Wyatt Banks set to head off on another undercover assignment. This one even more dangerous than the last and the risks couldn't be higher. In order to keep his head in the game of life or death, he has to bury his growing desire for a true companionship, the kind that all his friends seem to have found. 

Andrea Somerville is a goal driven FBI Agent who is trying to make her true dream come true and climb higher in the ranks. When she's assigned to go undercover as a dancer at an adult club she sees the opportunity as a stepping stone to make her resume look even better. But then she meets her partner... 

Wyatt promises Andrea that he won't let anything bad happen to her, and she believes him. But what neither one of them expected was that this one undercover assignment could provide them both with what they really wanted all along. Under the guise of new identities, they feel drawn to each other, and the temptation to cross the lines of duty becomes harder to resist. 
"she's a temptations that while I can't have, I still desire very much." 

This was such a good read! From the very beginning I found myself falling for Wyatt (he caught my eye back in Make It A Double) and this story solidified that he was probably my favorite Male character from this series thus far. But then Andrea caught me by surprise. As a new comer into the established group of "friends in my head" she was endearing kick-butt strong female character, which always gets major thumbs up points for me. 
While some of the books has some intense moments I was pleased to see that the whole plot wasn't focused on them being undercover. I even got some very giggle worthy moments once Wyatt is back around his friends again. 

I am giving WITH A TWIST... 4 Stars

I am hoping there's another book that gives us Casey's story. 

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