Friday, March 13, 2015

REVIEW... Shooting For The Stars by Sarina Bowen

For one night she had everything.

Pro snowboarder Stella Lazarus has always loved her brother's best friend. But the one time she tried to show him, she was shot down faster than you can say "competitor disqualified."

Until one blissful night in Tahoe, when Stella finally gets her man.

Or does she? In the morning, Stella and Bear wake up to horrible news. The sort that sends them racing back to Vermont, and straight into the arms of guilt and family obligations.

For all of Bryan “Bear” Barry’s life, three natural laws held true: his best friend Hank was destined for greatness, Hank’s sister Stella was off-limits, and Bear would always manage to negotiate the rocky paths that life threw his way. In the space of two days, that’s all shattered. 

Bear can't believe he slipped up so badly with Stella. Even if his best friend wasn’t lying broken in a hospital bed, it would still be unforgivable. Determined to do better, he devotes himself to his friend's recovery, denying himself the very person he loves. And the very thing he needs.

Available March 16, 2015

This Book Nerd Says: 
Ah! I'm so excited to talk about this book. This is the newest addition to a great series by one of my favorite authors so without further ado...

Shooting For The Stars is a Contemporary Romance standalone read with no cliffhangers so if you haven't read either of the previous stories, no worries. However if you are like me and have read the other two, when you read this one you feel a bit like you are reuniting with old friends. If I'm being honest I kind of felt bad for any guy who had to follow in Hank's shadow (my love for him runs strong) but I was so so (pleasantly) surprised to have Bear steal another piece of my heart in such a special way.

What happens when the one person you need the most 
is the one person you can't have?

After an epic day (for Stella) and a horrendously bad day (for Bear) both of them drop all pretenses of an uncomplicated friendship  and give in to a night full of each other. When the new day comes, it brings along with it the guilt and fear that Bear has betrayed his very best friend and Stella tries to prepare her heart for another break. But then they get a phone call that changes everything for them... and yet it changes nothing. 

While Dane and Willow's story was all about the heat... 
            And Hank and Callie's story was all about the steam...
                                                                               Bear and Stella give us a story full of simmer

I loved the surprise dynamics to Stella's character that I didn't see coming. It definitely gave more explanation to her character and even to the behaviors of those around her. While Stella is typically overprotected and treated delicately she tries her hardest to be seen as an athlete in her own right and not just as Hank's little sister. 
The one other person who knows what its like in the shadow of Hank Lazarus is Bear. Best friends since children they have been inseparable. But now as their careers shift on to two very different paths, he feels the hits to his confidence. Bear is on a journey to find his own self worth again... to reclaim his life's passions. But he's still unsure of how to do that when his best friend's little sister is one of those passions. 

Like I mentioned before I felt like this was a reunion with old friends. Along with the old came so fresh new faces that gave this story all the right stuff. I swear Sarina Bowen has an amazing ability to write characters that I wish I could hang out with, seriously she never lets me down. I found myself smiling from beginning to end (cringing only slightly as Bear "buddy- ied" Stella into the friendzone repeatedly) and I'll be the first to admit the epilogue got me a little bit teary... in the happiest way of course. 

I am giving this book 4.5 Stars and a big recommendation!

P.S.: If you'd like to check out what I had to say about the others, here are the handy dandy links for you. (Just remember I have dibs on Hank)

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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