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BLOG TOUR 5 STAR REVIEW... Love On The Ledge by Zoraida Cordova

Sky Lopez thought she had it all—the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect life…until she discovers her not-so-perfect boyfriend has been cheating on her. So when her uncle asks her to help plan his Hamptons wedding, Sky jumps at the chance, leaving all of her “perfect” future plans in the rearview mirror.

The wedding doesn’t prove as good a distraction as she’d hoped, because when her relatives and friends find out she’s single, they put Sky in their match-making sights. Never mind that she’s only twenty four. Never mind that she doesn’t want to settle for anyone other than Mr. Right. Seemingly everyone in Sky’s life wants her to get married and have babies. Like, yesterday.

So when Hayden—a sweet, sexy roofer—plummets through the ceiling and practically falls into her lap, she can’t help but think that maybe nice guys do just fall from the sky.

Soon Sky finds herself juggling crumbling wedding plans, the cheating ex who’s trying to win her back, the cute plastic surgeon her family thinks is perfect for her, and the hot roofer she can’t seem to get off her mind.

As the wedding date draws closer, Sky will need to choose one—or none—to keep herself from falling off the ledge, and maybe into love.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says: 

I first fell in love with Zoraida Cordova's writing when I fell completely in love with her first book in the On The Verge Series:  Luck On The Line . So when I was given the pleasure of reading an ARC of Love On The Ledge before publication... squeals may have happened. It's the second book in the series and was a very well written standalone so no you don't have to read the first book to enjoy this one BUT I think you will love this one even more having the background knowledge of the few characters and relationships that do carry over into this book. 

Sky Lopez is still reeling from the breakup with her boyfriend that she didn't see coming. Now she's single and questioning much about her life. Happy for an escape from her life in Boston, she heads to the Hamptons to help her beloved uncles plan their wedding. But you see the thing about most weddings is you get to be around your family... a lot.  Everyone seems to have an opinion about how and when Sky should move on. Her friends insist she get out and have some fun while most of her family is pushing for her to marry a rich good looking doctor who'd help her make some attractive children. Perfect guys don't grow on trees... but for Sky, the perfect one might fall through a roof. 

"It's like stars in your eyes, a great big galaxy in your body that knows something is changing something is going to be different. There's a difference between love at first sight and enduring love. Sometimes one masquerades as the other." 

Now that I (hopefully) got that out of my system let me be a bit more coherent in my thoughts about this book. I loved this story on so many levels.  I want to go on record and say that Cordova writes some amazing characters. Her female characters are always so strong and intelligent marked with a the wit that makes me smile and laugh aloud. She drafts these characters that always get my "book bestie" award and by the end of the book I'm left wishing you could call them up for a fun girls night out. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was her that was going to get her own book. But it didn't take me long to fall for her either. Sky is still a bit blindsided by her breakup that caused her to leave both her ex, Bradley, and her job as a nurse in a hospital. Take those emotions, add in frustration with competing cousins, a meddling mother, determined ex-boyfriends, and the surprising romantic pursuits of not one but two men... yeah, I found it hard not to empathize with any of her misgivings or hesitations about her future. Did I mention she's also responsible for planning a wedding in the midst of all that too? 
The real beauty of Sky's character is underneath all the surface issues she has going on, we also get some pure unfiltered views of Sky's lingering issues with her past. It's not overwhelming but enough to show us the real reasons and fears behind some of her fears for the future... it paints a picture of the dynamics between her and her mother as well as her her and her Uncle Pepe. 

Now, Sky's family and her friends are honestly about 60% of the reason that I have to give this book all the stars. From the very first opening pages I realized that this was going to be a standout feature for me. I read a lot of books.... A LOT... and something that I do find missing in the New Adult genre is most often diversity. But not with Cordova's books, and I pretty much love her for it. She has taken us readers straight into the middle of a through and through Latin American family (in this case Ecuadorian). I found myself smiling so hard marking countless passages with a nod of "oh yeah I know the struggle"... laughing at the oppressive love of the viejas... the snarky comments and the rumbling of my stomach at the mention of pernil. As much as Sky grumbles, the love is there and I know feeling as I felt transported to any number of memories of a family gathering. It's completely obvious that Cordova knows what she writes and the authenticity makes her story both familiar and fun. 
I said in my review of Luck On The Line, that one of my favorite relationships was between Lucy and Stella. Here again in Love On The Ledge, I have to state the same about Sky and her own mother. The love between them is obvious even when the delivery isn't and so getting to watch them interact was a pleasure. 

"Besides, everyone knows I'm the fist, Leti's the fury, and you're the heart."

Sky's relationship with Leti and River is another standout feature. It's an all encompassing friendship that definitely transcends into a sisterhood. I don't imagine the story would have been the same without them in it and it seems to be the perfect setup for the third book on the line.  

And I could never end this review without talking about Hayden... Yes, Hayden. Just. Yes.
Do you need much more than that? 
Okay well Hayden Robertson, III is 1000% grade A book boyfriend material. So different from what some of NA hero's are usually depicted... Hayden manages to be so sweet it's downright perfection, and in no way does it detract from his sexy. He's not a silver spoon bred broody millionaire, rather he's a hard worker who manages to steal your heart just as fast as he damages a roof. Among other things I appreciate he's direct about his feelings about Sky which I loved, even though we come to realize he has been broken by love in the past. There's no up and down rollercoaster of does he or doesn't he? His steady pursuit of Sky's heart despite her fear and his own is what has you rooting for him from the moment he falls to her feet and you never quite stop. Add in the fact that he handles most of the troubles with them with a undeniable sense of maturity and Hayden is truly the cherry on top of this sundae of a book. 

"How does he manage to be so innocent and sexy all at once?"

I don't know but I absolutely love him for it.

I easily gave this book 5 Stars and I think it goes without saying that I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next book in the series. 

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Zoraida Córdova was born in Ecuador and raised in Queens. She is the author of The Vicious Deep Trilogy. She studied English Lit at Hunter College, and The University of Montana before finding a home for herself in the (kinda) glittering world of New York City’s nightlife. She prefers her cocktails shaken, her bacon crispy, and her men with a side of chivalry


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