Saturday, August 29, 2015

5 STAR REVIEW... Beatless by Amber L. Johnson

Mallory Durham has been left behind and it is making her feel less like an adult and more like an afterthought. 

Divorce, sickness, educational aspirations being shattered, and her Aunt Sam moving into her home, have made Mal's life nearly unrecognizable to her.

When Tucker Scott re-enters her life along with his band, will they offer what she needs to once again find her voice and self confidence or will it strip her of it even more?

Told through the dual voices of Mallory as she navigates her new world, and Aunt Sam's letters to her niece, Beatless tells the story of two women at very different points in their life, fighting the same battles; proving that no matter what age a person is, there are always lessons to be learned.

This Book Nerd Says: 

I literally finished this book about thirty minutes before I sat down here to write this review. I needed to get my thoughts down while my emotions were still raw and my tears were still flowing, so here it goes y'all. 
Every time I read a Amber L. Johnson book I find myself blown away by how she does what she does. It's crazy that she still surprises me at this point but here I sit stunned... crying... and declaring my love of yet another book of hers. 

So why do I love Amber L. Johnson's writing?
The reasons are too many to count so I'll just give you my top three reasons: 
1. Puddle Jumping
2. Maybe
3. Beatless

She has the ability to transform her characters into something so real... someone you know or knew... maybe even yourself... and then you get lost in the world she paints with her beautiful story telling ability. 
Beatless is the story of Mallory. 
Beatless is the story of Sam. 

"But once upon a time there was a boy who didn't look at me like I was damaged. He saw all my pieces and wanted to put them together with his bare hands. As if I was worth the effort."

Mallory's character was something truly special. I'm sure all of us can recall a time when it seems like everything in life is changing too much, too fast, and leaving you behind in the dust. This is where we meet Mallory. She's starting a college she doesn't want to go to and feeling more alone than ever. But her Aunt Sam is determined to make her see that life is meant to be lived and challenges Mallory in all the best ways. 

Tucker is the boy she used to know. The guy she doesn't talk to. Tucker is the guy that's going to teach Mal how to find her voice and step out from the shadows. 
Tucker is what other book boyfriends hope they can be. 

"The minute I saw him in the restaurant that day, I knew. He knew. 
                                                                                            It's about time you caught up." 

Beatless is the realest kind of love story. It's the good, bad, happy, sad, all encompassing kind of love story that transcends other books in the genre. It's self love, first love, true friendship and family all front and center as Mallory truly comes into herself, and I was her biggest cheerleader. 

Beatless gives us the best of both worlds with Mallory's coming of age trials and Aunt Sam's letters of reflective wisdom. The characters, story and lyrics are all woven together to make a book that makes you want to curl up around it and embrace it when your done, hoping the words and the message seep into your soul for a little while longer.

5 Stars

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