Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ARC REVIEW... Once Kissed by Cecy Robson

Once they shared a night of passion. Now a chance encounter forces them back together. In Cecy Robson’s O’Brien Family series debut—perfect for readers of Monica Murphy and J. Lynn—two total opposites find that the flames of desire are still smoldering.

Tough-as-steel cop Curran O’Brien is quickly rising through the ranks of the Philadelphia police department. But when his rookie partner is almost killed under his watch, Curran just wants to prove he still has what it takes to walk among Philly’s finest. So he’s pissed to be stuck on a cushy security assignment for the DA’s office . . . until he gets a good look at the sweet, straitlaced intern he’s supposed to protect—but not touch.

Tess Newart recognizes Curran instantly. How could she not? Back in college she tied this former frat boy to the bed with her argyle socks! That sizzling one-night stand was the only indiscretion Tess ever allowed herself. She has survived law school so far, despite being pushed to succeed by her overbearing father. Now that she’s interning on a major case against a ruthless crime boss, she won’t jeopardize her career by giving in to temptation again. She just never expected temptation to look so damn hot in uniform.

Tess knows her father has other plans for her, and they don’t include Curran. But soon she’s falling for him all over again. And when danger emerges, Curran will prove just how good a bad-boy cop can be.

*I received a copy of this book via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says

Ah I both LOVE and HATE that I got to read this book as an ARC (like 98% love 2% hate) because 1. It's not released so I can't gasm out over this book with anyone and 2. I have to wait even longer for the second book in the series now. 

After an on the job shooting shakes Curran O'Brien's confidence and conscience he finds himself on security detail. He's told to keep the intern working with his DA brother out of harms way. But when Curran realizes that Contessa the intern is none other than Tess aka the one night stand that blew his mind away back in college. 
Contessa is straitlaced, buttoned up and under the thumb of a father who has her life scripted out for her in every detail. But Tess... Tess is who she really is and she's dying to be seen for real. 
Curran can't resist Tess and Tess loves the person she is free to be with Curran. It isn't long before they find themselves giving in and refusing to give up. 

First let me say, I love Curran. He was downright funny, deeply caring and deliciously alpha when it came to protecting those he cares for. It was easy to fall for him right along side Tess. It was obvious Curran had a lot going on under the easy smile surface and I loved the attention it brought to PTSD issues for those in uniform. 
Tess... there's so much to say but so much I can't. I think it's safe if I say that Tess had an incredibly hard journey throughout this book. I got a chance (as a reader) to look at her situation from three POVs: Hers/an onlooker like Curran/ME. I think Robson did a great job at taking a situation like Tess and making us realize that sometimes it's hard to "just walk away". 
I thoroughly enjoyed Tess's strength, her determination, and her journey to happy.

I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that as I read the beginning of the story I didn't think much of the name O'Brien... I didn't think much of Curran's siblings (beyond how awesome they sounded/were)... UNTIL circumstances lead Curran to meeting with his dear old friend Lety and her beau Brody and I had a bit of a Duh! moment. Now if you aren't familiar with Cecy Robson I'll explain. Robson has a SHATTERED PAST series and in book two there so happens to be a couple named Lety and Brody (!!!) and the last book is about Killian O'Brien (brother of Curran) and his lady love, Sofia. 
I loved this bit. I love "seeing" these old faces and it made me enjoy the new ones even more! Don't worry if you haven't read the SHATTERED PAST books yet because ONCE KISSED absolutely stands perfectly on its own. 

Do I recommend it?
I laughed, I smiled, and held my breath through a few pages here and there. Oh and I fell in love with some new characters. That's the mark of a great read for me. I am adding this one to my favorites list, adding Curran to my book boyfriend list, oh and I'll be stalking the release of the next book in this series. 

I am giving ONCE KISSED... 4 'Not A Good Catholic' Stars!!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review ONCE KISSED--and forgetting such a big kick out of Curran. I'll admit, I love him, too!