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BLOG TOUR REVIEW... Burning Ember (Harbingers of Chaos #1) by Darby Briar

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Title: Burning Ember (Harbingers Of Chaos #1)
Author: Darby Briar
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 27, 2015

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The last thing she needs after running from one monster is to land in the lair of the Devil.
Twenty-one year old Ember flees her past with soot on her face, ash in her hair, and a promise. She’ll never let another man take away her freedom and treat her like she means nothing. But that is exactly what Maverick Gunn, leader of the notorious Harbinger’s of Chaos Motorcycle Club seeks to do from the moment his lethal gaze locks on her. He burns her with every look. Every touch. Every word. Ember’s only hope is to convince him she’s nothing like the woman who blackened his soul before he drags her down into the darkness with him.

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*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says: 

This book is a stunning debut for author Darby Briar. When I first loaded this book up on my reader I immediately noted that this book was a bit longer than I expected it to be, but then I started reading and the story gripped me from the beginning and I couldn't put it down until I was done. 
Ember is running from a man determined not to let her go.  Running with no real place to go. An act of kindness lands her in the clubhouse of the HOC... the Harbingers of Chaos Motorcycle Club... and in the path of Maverick Gunn. 
Maverick wants her gone, determined to have nothing to do with her he tries to break her spirit to quiet the demons of his past that haunts him. 

Both Mav and Ember know what it's like to trust the wrong person. Ember can't shake the nightmare lived through and Mav won't let go of the dream that he lost. They don't like each other but they can't seem to stop the force that pulls them together. 

I found the chemistry between Ember and Mav to be so strong that it almost felt palpable at times. Maverick was rude and crude, and everything you want in MC bad boy book hero. I can't go into all the details because I won't spoil something I believe you need read to fully understand anyway, BUT Mav has the one thing I always look for in my leading characters- depth. I enjoyed the journey to watch him reveal himself to us... to Ember... and I loved the journey almost as much as I loved the reveal. 

"I can't erase the monster Doll sees when she looks at me. But maybe... just maybe I can show her that's not all I am or all I can be." 

Some of the twists and turns were expected and I was unsure about some elements, there were far more that I found as a plot surprise and as a whole it was refreshing and exciting to keep on reading with baited breath. 
Briar takes us right into the HOC clubhouse and there with all the sex, drugs, and club business- she introduced us to a family. A family that made me fall in love with each and everyone of them. The same guys who tease Ember with lust in their eyes, become her protectors. 
By the end of the book I was sorry to say goodbye to them because Briar did such a great job at giving us just enough of these guys to make us want us want more. 
I definitely want more and I'll be waiting for the second book in this series anxiously confident in the knowledge that whether it's Taz, Rigor, Edge or Dozer... I'll be very happy (even if I'm silently pleading for it to be Taz *wink wink nudge nudge*). 

I am giving BURNING EMBER 4 Stars!


About The Author
DarbyDarby Briar is an American author who loves writing stories about men with broken souls and women who don’t know their own strength. Most of her stories are dreamed up in the early hours of the morning, while driving, or while listening to music. She’s a business woman by day and a wife, mother, writer, and reader the rest of the time. She’s a lover of fiction whether it be a movie or book, but prefers stories with some romance, and ones that include a happy ending. Darby grew up in Utah and still lives in the northern part of the state. She’s married and her and her husband have three adorable kids.

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