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BLOG TOUR REVIEW... Screwball by Linda Morris

Passion dominates the diamond in the second novel in this fun and flirty baseball romance series by the author of High Heat.

Paul Dudley, president of the Plainview Thrashers, is spinning out of control. Preserving his family’s baseball legacy in these tough times takes everything he’s got, and constant clashes with his father have left him struggling for authority over the team and even his own future. So when sports reporter Willow Bourne, a one-night-stand from a year ago, walks back into his life, he knows he can’t give into his feelings for her—no matter how strong they are.

Willow never expected to see Paul again, and she’s got her reasons for keeping her distance. Except the more time she spends around Paul, the harder it is to hide her secrets—or stop herself from falling head over heels.

As the sparks between them fly, Paul discovers what Willow has been concealing from him, leaving him with a difficult choice—keep the team his top priority or make his own legacy by following his heart…

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*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says: 

When the prologue picks up we meet Willow when she's feeling pretty low about where's she is at in life. So she finds herself indulging in a fun night at a club with her friend looking for any kind of pick me up, she definitely wasn't expecting a dance with the handsome stranger who keeps looking her way would change everything for her. 
Hoping to revive her career the last person she expects to see on the other side of the interview desk is Paul (Mr. Handsome Stranger). Paul's attraction to Willow is just as strong as it was months before but Willow's secrets keep him from getting too close. 

For me this was a good quick read that won't take your heart through the grinder and back. Once I got out of my head and stopped thinking about the predictability of the plot I enjoyed it for what it was, a fun and sweet love story. 
I read this book as a standalone so I'm not sure what information if any I would have gleaned from the characters if I had read the previous book. That being said, I think the book did a good job at standing by itself. We got enough about all of the characters to understand their past and even empathize with their situations at times. If I had to pick a favorite character I'm definitely leaning towards Paul. 
I admired Paul's determination to win over Willow even when her signals were confusing.  Understanding his past made him even sweeter, Paul fell into a caretaker role early on and it was apparent throughout the book it had carried over into his adult life. Despite this he seems to have a hardtime finding a voice when it comes to what he really wants. The stress and pressure he was under was finely written and you feel his breaking point coming fast. 

There are a few things that would have made this book even sweeter for me. 
I would have liked a little less 'shop talk' about baseball and the looping conversation about the strained relationship Paul has with his father. In place of this I would have liked to see more of the relationship between Willow and Paul grow. Even though their attraction is always there and you know that a relationship is eminent, it still seemed to happen too fast for me to really fall in love with them falling in love. 
Lastly I have to mention, I understood Willow's hesitation but some of her thought processes drove me kind of nuts and I wondered about her maturity at times. I rather enjoyed Kendra's 'voice of reason' best friend role because of this. 

All in all, I'm giving SCREWBALL 3 Stars!

Linda Morris is a writer of contemporary romance, including High Heat, the first book in the Hard Hitters series; Melting the Millionaire’s Heart; The Mason Dixon Line; and Nice Work If You Can Get It. She writes stories with heart and heat, along with a joke or two thrown in. Her years of Cubs fandom prove she has a soft spot for a lost cause.
Twitter: @LDMorrisWriter

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