Sunday, October 25, 2015

ARC REVIEW... Keeping Secrets by Lisa Eugene

Is that how a little girl sits?
No, Daddy.
How should a little girl sit?
Shoulders back and tummy in.
And how should a little girl look?
Always neat and pretty
That’s my girl.

Twenty-four-year-old Alexa Kennedy is beautiful, sharp as a whip, and at the top of her medical school class. She’s also been waging a war in her head for as long as she can remember. Depression. Hatred. Self-loathing. These feelings feed the pain inside her, fueling her quest for a perfection that she can never achieve. 

In one life-changing moment, Dex Blakewell crashes into her world. Dex is funny, gorgeous, and irresistible. He chases away the darkness and fills her with light and laughter. An unusual friendship blossoms, making no demands or expectations. 

Friendship turns into an unexpected love and a delicious passion. Alexa realizes that the only thing tethering her to sanity is their connection. But even Dex’s strength can’t keep her demons at bay forever. 

When life overwhelms her, the outside world starts to mirror her inner turmoil. And when Dex discovers she’s been keeping horrible secrets, will she finally shatter or find a way through the darkness? Will the promise of love be enough to save her from self-destruction?

***WARNING: This book is for mature audiences and deals with topics and situations that some readers may find deeply emotional. That being said, I hope that many may find inspiration from these words. ***

*I received an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says: 

When I was approached about reading and reviewing this book I have to say that the synopsis had completely intrigued me and I jumped at the opportunity. Having no prior experience with this author I only went into this read with the knowledge that it was going to be one of those heavier reads. 
I was both completely right... and still so completely unprepared for this journey. 

Alexa Kennedy is coming to the end of medical school with the grades that have her at the top of her class contending for the title of valedictorian. On the surface she has the life most people would envy. 
Lisa Eugene wastes no time in revealing some of the serious issues that are plaguing Alexa. It becomes poignant and heart-rending but still a gripping story. I am glad I begun to read this book when I had no other pressing things on my schedule because once I started I couldn't stop. 
When Alexa's life crashes into Dex's path they forge an unexpected friendship that transforms into a love that neither of them expected but still don't want to see it go. Dex is such a solid character and it speaks to the maturity of the book and its content. He has a history that has truly shaped his life and expectations as an adult. Dex knows how it feels to be left all too well. This vulnerability makes him so much more appealing but his steadfastness is what made me fall for him. 

This story is a journey as I said before. One that took me by surprise. It was far from predictable but it all moved along smoothly. There were so many "twists" and elements that I didn't see coming and I appreciated that so very much. 
Not only does KEEPING SECRETS open up the mind to discussion and personal reflection on the stigmas surrounding mental illness but it gives us a love story that transcends just Dex and Alexa but also gives us the story of how Alexa loves Alexa... and how she doesn't. 
It gives us a story that will resonate for a while, the take away message a lot more important than the hot and steamy scenes (although they are present and very hot and very steamy). 

I am giving KEEPING SECRETS 4 Stars!

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