Friday, October 16, 2015

FIVE STAR REVIEW... Butterfly Dreams by A.Meredith Walters

In a powerful romance for fans of The Fault in Our Stars and If I StayNew York Times bestselling author A. Meredith Walters tells the story of a troubled young woman and the unforgettable guy who teaches her to live—and love—to the fullest.

She’s waiting to die. . . . Corin Thompson is paralyzed by her obsession with mortality. Having lost both of her parents, she is terrified by the idea that she too will die young, and she loses control at any sign of illness. But when Corin connects with someone who has survived a very real brush with death, she begins to see the world in a whole new way.

He’s learning to live. . . . As Corin struggles under the weight of her neuroses, Beckett Kingsley is attempting to rebuild a life that feels all too temporary. With the ever-present threat of heart failure never far from his mind, he just wants to make the most of whatever time he has left. And that means pursuing the girl he never expected to find.

Together, Corin and Beckett finally learn to let go of their fears and take solace in everyday pleasures. Who knows what the future holds? After all, nothing lasts forever—the only promise they have is right now.

*I received an Advanced Release Copy of this book via the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says: 

This book doesn't release until 11/24 so I'm going to keep this review very spoiler free. 
From the description alone I knew that this was going to be one of those emotional reads so I decided it was time for me to put the tissues to use and I settled in with this read. 
Boy I was not disappointed... to the complete contrary I was so surprised by the way I felt reading and definitely finishing the book. 
Don't be fooled this isn't your typical book about someone dying... it's not about dying at all. It's not about life and death. 
It's about living. 
Corin is such an intricate character. She is very aware that something is wrong with her. The memories of the past and the thought of what the future could hold keep her paralyzed in a battle between just living and actually being alive. Her panic is a norm for her until she meets Beckett...
If anyone knows about how fast your life could be over it's Beckett. His tender heart worn me over from the first moment he spoke to me from the pages and I fell totally and utterly in love with him. He possesses such a realistic positivity that I think most people would fail to grasp and that combined with his maturity and steadfastness... gosh. He's everything I could have hoped for (... and yes he's on my list now!). 
Beckett is patient and teaches Corin how to let go of her fears before she misses out on everything in life worth being happy and grateful for. And Corin gives Beckett a reason to really be happy beyond the facade smile he's learned to put on for the sake of the others around him. 

This isn't the typical book. This deals with some real issues surrounding mortality. Grief, illness, anxiety... there's a bunch in there. But it doesn't just focus on Corin and Beckett. It shines a light on the ones affected by what affects Corin and Beckett. I think that's one of my top reasons about why I loved this book as much as I did. Because that light... that makes the book way more real. 
You know what else is in there?
A freaking amazing love story. 
I won't lie and tell you that I didn't shed any tears... I did. 
I won't lie and tell you that I didn't hold my breath for the last bit of the book... I did. 
I won't lie and tell you that I didn't fall in love with Corin and Beckett.... I definitely did. 

I will tell you that this book is definitely one of my favorite recent reads and I'm giving this 5 Stars. 
Remember add it to your TBR and get that preorder in so you can read it asap!

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