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BLOG TOUR REVIEW... Catching To Win by Carrie Aarons


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Kelsey O'Brien is the definition of a free spirit. She goes where she wants, when she wants, and takes to bed who she wants. And when she arrives back at Grover University after eight months on an African animal preserve, its her newly hunky best friend that has caught her eye. As their friendship turns physical, Kelsey begins to form feelings she swore she'd never have for anyone. But when the past she's not ready to face finds her, she must make a decision whether to stop running, or confront the truth. The first time Clint Bellows laid eyes on Kelsey, he fell hard. Too bad she looked right through him. A year and countless hours in the gym later, she's back and hardly recognizes him and his new body. After a drunken encounter takes them over the line of friendship, Clint agrees to Kelsey's proposal of a benefits-added relationship. Only he's playing for keeps, and is willing to round all of the bases trying to score the self-proclaimed gypsy. She's running from her demons. He's committed to winning her over. 
Can he catch her in time, or will she be out of his grasp before he can blink?


*ARC copy received in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says:

When I tell you that I was highly anticipating this one's release you might not understand the depth of that need if you haven't read the previous two books in the series (go check those out if you haven't!). This series kicked off with two trios of best friends... I bet you can guess what happens next. But what is great about this series is the fun and distinct personalities that each couple has... but for the first two books one two of the things that caught me eye consistently were Kelsey and Owen. 

Now I'm going to sound a bit biased here and I'm going to own it. Owen is my favorite of the guys in the series. I mean he's all the good any girl could want in a book boyfriend and so I had a few moments of "C'mon Kelsey!" moments fueled by my protective love of the sweet and sexy catcher. 

Owen fell for Kelsey at first sight. Kelsey... not so much. Her wandering gypsy spirit refuses to put down roots anywhere, rather going where the wind blows her. Her friendship with Owen is special to her, but her tough facade keeps her from showing her vulnerable heart to anyone. Despite my frustrations with her at times, her character had some beautiful flaws that really made me understand her and her actions. 

Back to Owen *wink wink*. He's my favorite thing about this story easily. I enjoyed that we got to see the "transformation" aspect from the male P.O.V. so very much. We don't always get stories that give our leading men self esteem issues. The very prologue seized my feelings for Owen and inflated them to "oh my gosh can I just hug him" proportions. 

This read was fun... with surprising moments of true emotion. I appreciate that even with the expected drama - it doesn't drag on and on. Aarons gives us the drama but she also brings mature resolution fitting for the New Adult label. It's definitely my favorite book of the series (so far anyway, Parker anyone?!).

I am giving this one 4 Stars. 
And since its Monday, Owen is most certainly my MAN CRUSH MONDAY book boyfriend candidate for the day. 


About the Author:

They say those who can't do, teach. Well, Carrie has no hand-eye coordination, and her idea of romance is a Netflix marathon complete with Thai food. So, she writes sports romance novels instead. Beginning her writing career as a journalist, Carrie wrote about real-life crime and scandal before turning to the fantasy world of fiction. She lives with her husband in an apartment they are constantly outgrowing.
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