Friday, January 29, 2016

SPOTLIGHT REVIEW... Too Far To Care by Jen Luerssen

Jane Prior is a bike messenger in San Francisco. Cute, driven, fun but horrible at relationships. When Jane puts her heart out there she gets an unwelcome response, and is crushed. A day later, she meets someone who heals her heartbreak. She and her best friend TJ attend a wedding together and both meet the possible "ones." The only catch is that they both live thousands of miles away in Ireland. 
Niall is a charming, handsome pub owner who's very loyal to his family and country. He and Jane have instant chemistry, lust and laughs. 
They decide to try  long distance relationship. 
Can Jane and Niall make a really, really long distance work? 
Have they fallen far enough? 

*I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange for an honest review*

This Book Nerd Says: 

When the author sent me this book she told me it was a romantic comedy. So its safe to say I walked into this story expecting some humor. 
What I got was some truly laugh out loud dialogue and hearty chuckle filled moments. Jane is a bike messenger in San Fran who has an extremely fun and colorful cast of friends. After her current becomes her ex, she's looking for something to help pull her out of her funk... 
Enter Niall. 
He's handsome, charming, fun... oh and he's Irish. (Did I mention I have a thing for that accent?) When their chemistry pulls them together for a night... and then another... the time for Niall to return to Ireland and his pub comes all too swiftly. 
Deciding that they don't want to let go off their connection they decided to take their budding relationship cross continental. 

I mentioned I loved the humor of the book but it wasn't my favorite part. My favorite aspect would have to be the imperfect reality of any relationship but especially one that has the added pressures of long distance separation. The come together and fall apart moments were a bit face palm worthy at times BUT I could see the why very clearly throughout the story. 

My very most favorite thing about this story though... Niall.
Did you that one coming? 
Well he's definitely a charming feature that I adored. His character held a maturity that didn't compete with the fun lighthearted moments that his character brought along. 

It wasn't a long read and the story moves along quickly with a full wrap up and resolution at the conclusion. Overall I'm giving this story 3.5 Stars. 

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