Friday, February 5, 2016

SPOTLIGHT REVIEW... Just Give Me A Reason by Rebecca Rogers Maher

Rebecca Rogers Maher follows up Rolling in the Deep with a sexy and deeply emotional short novel in which unexpected desire leads to surprise beginnings.
Tony Lopez is losing it. Burdened by a broken marriage and a failing business, the divorced father of two young daughters isn’t on his A game when he meets Beth. She’s clearly pregnant and defiantly single: a beautiful, graceful vision that lights a fire somewhere deep beneath Tony’s layers of self-doubt. They connect at his brother’s upstate New York home during a weekend among friends. Except friends don’t feel this kind of chemistry—or want each other so bad it hurts.
Beth Cody has no use for ties that bind. She’s witnessed that kind of wrecking ball. The father of her child isn’t in the picture, and she couldn’t be happier. So when Tony sends her already raging hormones off the chart with his rugged good looks and pent-up sexuality, Beth is thrilled to indulge in a short-term affair, with no strings attached. But one taste isn’t enough. And now that she’s out of her comfort zone, Beth either needs to let go or take a chance on a man who might just be worthy of her love.

*I received an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

This Book Nerd Says: 

Like it's predecessor in the series, JUST GIVE ME A REASON is a fast read but packed full of the feel good moments that I expected. We met both Tony and Beth in the first book Rolling In The Deep but this book catches up where we left off and quickly throws us into their story. 
Tony captured my attention and affection very quickly. As a divorced single father and a struggling business owner, Tony has no room for romance in his life. But his body didn't get the memo. From the moment that he met Beth the pull of attraction and the pull of desire ignites in Tony and the more time they spend together the harder it is to fight it. 
Beth likes sex. She enjoys sex. Even pregnant and well into her second trimester, she wants sex. But she doesn't want the relationship and the strings that come along with it. She knows what happens when people who aren't meant to marry do it anyway, and she doesn't want that for her or her child. She's fine with being a single parent, and shes fine with no strings attached sex with the extremely attractive soon to be brother in law of her best friend.  

But soon she realizes that maybe she does want more after all...

Like I said at the onset, this read is a shorter one that zips by quickly. The story line quickly starts and develops to accommodate everything. I was more drawn to Tony's character than I was Beth's, I found myself slightly frustrated with her hesitation at times. I did find the book a bit steamier than the first but it stood out on its own because of this. 

Overall I gave this one 3 Stars. 

Available For Purchase FEB. 16, 2016

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