Monday, May 23, 2016

#MCM... The Grind by Kristen Kehoe

Hunter Jackson was on top of the world when that phone call came.

His third X Games title still fresh, a female in his lap, and sponsors ready to offer him any deal he wanted--the kid from California had made it big. And then his phone rang. And it kept ringing. And that news that no one wants was waiting for him on the other line. "It's Mom," his sister said. And like that, his world changed. Months later, Hunter isn't skating--he's at home, taking care of his mom, and keeping the rest of his family together, flipping houses to pay for the medical bills that just keep piling up. In need of a new foreman, Hunter gets a shock when Isabel Rojas shows up to his job site, more gorgeous than any woman he can ever remember, and a mouth that whips off Spanish insults with deadly precision.

Isa comes from a house full of dominant men ready to tell her what to do—she loves them, but she refuses to be the woman who takes orders from a man for the rest of her life. She’s determined to be independent: her own apartment, her own job, her own person. In a family as large and committed to each other as hers, this is not an easy task. Two years of community college, an AA in construction management, and halfway through her apprenticeship as an electrician, Isa knows what she wants, and she’s on a mission to claim it.

When she shows up on Hunter Jackson’s job site, she has a chip on her shoulder, and an already formed opinion about the kind of man he is: rich, entitled, careless. The kind who broke her sister’s heart years ago—the kind Isa swore she would never let into her own life.

But plans don’t always work the way we want. 

Assumptions can be wrong, people can change, and hearts don’t always listen to logic.

This Book Nerd Says: 

It feels like just yesterday I was a gushing fangirl talking about how much I loved the first book in the The Vert Series (Vertical Lines)... okay it very well might have been yesterday because I seem to find my way back to those pages very often (I love it THAT much). But now I get to talk to you all about the recent new release, THE GRIND. 

Much like it's predecessor in the series, The Grind is getting a definite spot in the Man Crush Monday round up.  Oh you want me to tell you why? My pleasure. HUNTER JACKSON that's why. 
In the previous book VERTICAL LINES introduced us to a group of friends that were more like family. They captured my heart and left me aching to know more. In the development of the The Grind I loved that the timeline runs concurrent and overlapping the events of the first book. For new readers it stands pretty solidly on its own but for those who are following the series it's nice to get those special peeks and deeper insights into the characters that we have come to know and love. 
Once again Kristen Kehoe has taken real life and infused her characters with it. They aren't perfect, they make mistakes and get in their own way; but you feel a connection because they feel real. Their journeys have realistic bumps and life altering potholes but watching them forge ahead as they chase down unexpected love in spite of it... yeah that's a real life love story. 

Hunter Jackson is an amazingly solid character. From the prologue I was pretty much convinced that I was in love with him and my feelings never wavered. He has the maturity I always yearn to see in characters and displays it in such an honorable self sacrificing type of way that I couldn't help to be Team Hunter on this one. Introverted, strong, and sexy Hunter is the one character that I didn't expect to affect me as much until I read the first few pages of his story. He shoulders a world of responsibility and worry without asking much of anyone and is the reason my emotions got their workout during this reading experience. He's loyal and protective and the way he takes care of his girls is above and beyond amazing. 

Isabelle... *sigh*.  There's much to be said for this fiery, fiercely independent character. She exhausted me lol. That said,  I couldn't help to be proud of her full journey. She's a character that will probably have you ready to shake her once or twice (or a dozen - resident Hunter fangirl speaking here)... but she has reasons for her defensive nature and her reasons are valid. Having seen what can happen when your all is wrapped up into the wrong person, Isabelle is wary of not just the wrong person, but all persons. While I did find myself frustrated with her  I don't think we can fault her for being the character she is... if she was a male character I think many people would still swoon over her "alpha" behavior. She's grown up in a protective environment having to prove her ability to hold her own and is now in a male dominated profession having to do the same.

Scene Stealer Characters: 
Brooks and Jordan because... Brooks and Jordan. LOVE. 
Nala... I swear this girl just grows more and more intriguing and endearing. I am absolutely dying for her full story with Mal. Those two just get my heart going in all the right ways and I need more... NEED. 
Vanessa... sweetheart and sass. I adored her appearances throughout the book because it gives us a revealing look at that layer of Hunter's character. 

I'm recommending this one with 4.5 Stars!! It's available right now.

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