Monday, June 13, 2016

COVER REVEAL... And She Called Him Romeo by Santana Blair

Today I'm doing a lil bit of self promo on the blog... I do have a writer alter ego and my debut release is coming this July. Today I'm sharing the cover for the first time... 


When you think you might lose the one person that means everything to you, you learn to play harder… 

In the game of basketball Jayson Williams definitely knows how to play to win. With the same dedication he shows to the game, Jayson is focused on winning one more thing before leaving Paradise Cove, the heart of Brooke Thomas.

However, that’s easier said than done. Brooke has become a master at playing defense when it comes to Jayson’s attempts to win her over. He might be a superstar on the court but when it comes to love, he’s a rookie. And he needs a whole new game plan.

Brooke doesn’t have a clear vision of her future but when Jayson’s presence in her life seems to be unavoidable, she is thrown completely off. Her mind and heart are at odds with each other when it comes to the charms of Jayson.

Somehow the one person she wanted nothing to do with becomes more important to her than she could ever imagine.

As both Jayson and Brooke learn how to fight for what they want, life keeps testing the strength of their bond.

Their love is fought hard for but Brooke and Jayson soon realize they will have to fight even harder to keep it.

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