Saturday, December 10, 2016

RELEASE DAY.... I Am Lioness by Dee Garcia + REVIEW!!

With pain comes strength.
My name is Hazel Perry. 
You, however, can call me Lioness.
I live and breathe MMA -24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
That ring is mine. I'm the Queen.
Fierce, untouchable, and undefeated.
I've been asked how I willingly subject myself to such an intense, brutal career.
My answer… Because it feels good.
The rush, the high, how all other pain in your life numbs away into nothing. It's made me stronger. Every single stitch of pain I've experienced -both physically and emotionally- has made me stronger.
I've learned to protect myself. I don't trust easily and I never allow others to get too close.
Until Knox Carr.
He turned my world right side up and showed me how to feel again. How to live again.
How to love again.
Through the bouts of separation and trials along the way, will we make it out alive?

I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. 

This Book Nerd Says: 

There was a lot of anticipation with this book for me. I discovered the author and the book via Instagram where the steamy teasers and trailers had me eager to get my eyes on this one. 

I Am Lioness is a debut from author Dee Garcia. 
You can guess by the cover and synopsis that the backdrop for this one is set against the MMA world. I really enjoyed this aspect as I found it unique to enter the world through the perspective of a female fighter. I particularly enjoyed the fight scenes as I found the writing engaging and perfectly descriptive- it gave us the right amount of detail to paint the picture in our minds eye without bogging it down with unknown terminology and overwhelming detail. 

On to the characters: 
Hazel is everything I expected her to be. Strong, sassy, confident, and even a bit vulnerable. I enjoyed seeing the dimensions in her character development and I wish we would have seen a little bit more of those moments. It balanced her "cage persona" and definitely gave a softness to all her edges. 
And then there's Knox. 
Knox was a surprise to me. I expected him to be a typical alpha character. Oh he was Alpha but not in the condescending, cocky, jerky-kind of way (which would have been predictable). No, Knox Carr was a refreshing addition to this story. He was sweet, determined, and downright passionate. And I absolutely adored him and his willingness to accommodate Hazel in his steadfast pursuit of her heart. 

The story did a good job at keeping me engaged. The steamy scenes didn't overtake the entire story line, and the twists and developments also did their job in the background, leaving Hazel and Knox's love story at the forefront. I found myself intrigued by a couple of the secondary characters which bodes well for my interest in the rest of the series. 
I think this is a very solid debut from an author I definitely will follow as she continues to write. 

4 Stars.

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